Ride Journal, issue 3 out soon.

by Chipps 12

The Ride full front and rear cover. Illustration by Ilovedust.
Column by Mike Cotty,
Pic by George Marshall.

The Journal continues to bring cycle passion from riders worldwide. From committed everyday riders to World Champions.
The best writing, illustration and photography from bike lovers whoever and wherever they are.

Photos by PDXcross

Issue 3 should help you get through the dark and dreary winter, or at least inspire you to stick on another layer and get out riding whatever the weather is doing.

The cover of The Ride 3, illustration by Ilovedust

As of Monday 9th November you will be able to order a copy from their website www.theridejournal.com
or visit one of their ever expanding network of national and international stockists, which includes us here at Singletrack.

Comments (12)

  1. Nice!
    That ‘Living Large Format’ photo is a very nice choice for the fake tilt+shift treatment. Although the whole rider should have been left in focus 🙂

  2. Alex, its not tilt shift (fake or otherwise). Its a very old large format camera with a tiny depth of field. As you’ll see if you buy issue 3 of The Ride Journal.
    : )

  3. excellent, i’ll be getting my order in! any chance of getting some of these pics as wallpaper (laptop not living room!)?

    cant see any on the site

  4. Its about time too, what have you guys been playing at all summer 🙂

  5. MrCrushrider, Im afraid we can’t.
    The artists and photographers let us print their work for free.
    A lot of them sell their work independently and so giving away their work would be a great way of losing friends fast.
    Im sure you can understand why we stand by our contributers.

  6. nice one phillyd and all the people that put the ride together. looking forward to it.

    » Ayatollahofniche – November 4th, 2009

    Its about time too, what have you guys been playing at all summer

    looking for cheese for SSEC2010….! Sheldon

  7. Oh good issue 2 looking a bit tatty, been well thumbed

  8. That is my favourite of the three covers by a LONG way. Lovely. Worth buying for that on it’s own.


  9. You’ll be able to order copies online next week or hopefully sooner – the big webcrankhandleofdoom is a-turning…

  10. Will existing customers be emailed to be first in line or is it a freee for all?

  11. Sorry, no email to existing customers, but final tweaks are happening right now and the site will be up very soon.

  12. Just in case people haven’t seen – you can now order online.

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