O’Neal and Electric Visual Samples Stolen

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Col from FLI Distribution: “We’re hoping you can help us, our van got broken into on Friday night and a couple of bags of samples went missing. 
A lot of this stuff is 2010 range and therefore not available to the public yet, we’re hoping you can help us spread the word, because not only do we want it back, we’re hoping we can help the police add to the evidence they already have and get someone prosecuted for this, as it was caught on CCTV.”

The items stolen were:-


Electric Visual Sentinel Wheelie bag.  Only one in the UK.


2010 O’Neal Fury Helmet – black and red – large.  One of only 2 in UK.


O’Neal Magnetic SAS Tec spine board. One of only 3 in the UK


Sinner SAStec Knee pad…….. one only! Not a pair.  Not available in UK yet.


O’Neal 2010 Monster Race Jersey – loads of these in the UK.


O’Neal Dirt Knee pad.


O’Neal pump gun knee shin pad set.


2010 Element Glove set. Black.


2010 Electric Visual EG2 goggle Volt Lime.


2010 Electric Visual EGK – Comic Script Kids goggle.


2010 Electric Visual EG.5s B4BC Goggle.


12010 Electric Visual EG.5 Electro Shock Goggle.


2010 Electric Visual EG1 Kaleidoscope Goggle.


2010 Electric EG1s Goggle in Tiger.


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    is it me of is it becoming usual for new products to get nicked, then reported in the press – great for free advertising!

    sorry seems to happen a lot and i’m in cynical mood…

    Yes, its a lot cheaper and a lot less hasle to get your van trashed, deal the police and the insurance, than to just send some stuff to Singletrack towers and have them put it in the Fresh Gooods column on line then review in the mag.

    yeah, and the pictures are soo much better above than they would be being modeled by some beardy wierdy

    Certainly not as freakisly funny either

    Electric Visual Sentinel Wheelie bag

    Suggest police search for a colourblind criminal.

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