Oli Beckingsale Charity Auction

by Ben Haworth 9

Oli: “As a professional cyclist I am lucky enough to get given a fair amount of bits and bobs that are limited edition or generally expensive. Normally it sits around in my garage or given to friends or family but I have decided to get some of the best bits that money cannot buy and auction them off to raise money for a charity called Springboard Opportunity Group.”

“Springboard provides support, learning and play facilities for children aged 0-5 with special needs and their families in North Somerset, England. They do a fantastic job and I know this first hand as my eldest daughter Zoe has benefited from their support for the last year.”

More information at www.springboardweb.org.uk

What’s for auction?
There are 3 items on eBay and they all end on the 26th November.

Picture 6

Rock Shox SID Beijing fork
This fork is a SID team fork with special graphics and was given to sponsored only riders for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There were a dozen or so made and this is a one off as it also has the British flags on it. Also in with the fork is a Team GB Olympic t-shirt which were only given to members of Team GB at the Beijing Olympics.

Picture 7

Giant National Champions Jersey 2008
This jersey was one of 5 that was printed for Oli for the 2008 season when he was National Champion. Unworn and “cool as ice”.

Picture 8

Giant Team skinsuit 2009
This is a Giant Global team Skinsuit. Printed for team issue only and not for sale anywhere, ever. Unworn and one of 10 made by Hincapie Clothing in the USA.

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  1. You’d have to be very thin to get away with that skinsuit

  2. I just bought a set of SID teams…. damn…

  3. Well done Oli – great effort for a great cause.

  4. Nice one Oli. As a parent of a child who has benefitted from the help given by Frome Opportunity Group in North Bristol to our Daughter I applaud your actions.

    Hats off to you sir, and dig deep fellow STW’ers

  5. Oh my god.. how cool! I want all of these things, particularly that awesome nationals jersey, which would compliment my Giant Anthem-stylee superbly! I guess I shall have a punt, but won’t have a chance of winning though on stinking flea-bay. It’ll help bump it up a bit though, eh ;-). Cheers Oli!

  6. just bidded on the forks….

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