Fresh Goods

by Nathan 25

This week’s been a pretty quiet one in terms of Fresh Goods. But of course, we still have a few items for your attention.


Loeka Commuter Womens Jackets
From: Hotlines

70D Polyester shell for lightness and durability with 20.000mm waterproofing. Mesh lining. Vent built into chest for added breathability along with under arm zipper vents. Side and back pockets for storage. Adjustable wrists. Reflective piping. £114.99 RRP.

Apologies for shakey pic. Too much/not enough coffee!

Loeka Sky Long Sleeve Jersey

Wicking, breathable, antibacterial polyester pique. Can be worn with or without armour, on or of your bike. Not only made for biking, but also suitable for “running, yoga and gym workouts” apparently. £49.99 RRP.


Loeka DH Short

320D Polyester outer layer for durability, protection, and water proofing up to 20,000mm. Mesh liner. Stretch waist band built into rear. Zip vents on legs. Side zip pocket. Belt loops and front snap closures. £79.99 RRP.


Halo Twin Rail Courier Tyre
From: ISON

This funky green rubber is Halo’s specific Fixie / courier market tyre. It has an extra thick tread featuring Halo’s twin patented design format and has an added anti-puncture strip to help avoid any unwanted flats in the city streets. The 700×24 c tyre should fit into almost any frame and they come in 6 colours. RRP £19.99


Drop Bar Tape

This kinky looking, lightly furred, leapard print handle bar tape will definately stick out on your bike, all you need once you’ve got this is a zebra print jacket and some leopard Lycra! Combined with the green tyres above your bound to get noticed. RRP


Canfield Brothers Crampon Pedals
From: Canfield

Super thin, 6mm thick, weighing 395 grams, these are reportedly the thinnest pedals on the market. What’s the point? Well the makers claim that by using these pedals, you can effectively lower you BB height by 8mm, while raising your ground clearance by the same distance. As the pedals are thin, they claim to allow better balance and stability over the spindle. RRP $150


Gusset Slade Low Rise Bars
From: ISON

760mm wide, 19mm low rise, these bars from Gusset are aimed at Downhill and Freeride bikers. RRP £ 34.99


KHS Urban Uno
From: KHS Bikes

The Urban Uno is a semi-retro looking singlespeed commuter, not a fixie. It has a Reynolds 520 Double butted fullCrmo frame and is finished with relatively decent kit for the price range. Price: TBC (sub £500)

howies jumpers

Howies Tops
From: Howies

These three tops from Howies are new for 2010, they are the Waffler (blue), the Henley (orange) and the Woman’s NBL (green). The Waffler is a 100% Merino wool, half-zip Mid-Layer. RRP £85. The Henley again is 100% Merino wool and has a button front placket and concealed thumb loops. RRP £70. The NBL is 100% Merino wool and has tiny holes in the fabric to give it improved moisture wicking properties. RRP £40

howies jeans

Howies Drifter Brown Jean
From: Howies

These jeans are 100% organic cotton and are triple needle stitched on the inside and outside. They are a new version of Howies best selling jeans – in ‘dad brown’ in a ‘classic comfortable, loose fit’. At RRP £80, they would need to be.


Da Bomb Da Rection Reducer Headset
From: HotLines

The Da Rection headset from Da Bomb can fit just about any fork. It comes with the ability to change the spacing to allow a 1.5, a 1.1/8 and even a tapered fork, such as the Magura Thor to be used with the frame. At RRP £59.99, it’s cheaper than many of the other reducer headsets and seems to do a pretty good job so far.

Comments (25)

  1. i really like howies stuff but sometimes the prices are difficult to swallow

  2. My £80 Howies jeans are now over four years old, so their cost-per-year is going way down. And they’re still half the price of Japanese denim.

  3. thats KHS looks about my size 🙂

  4. Almost 😉 This one is a Large. They do go up to XL though.

  5. My Howies jeans have been the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. Yes, also the most expensive but then that’s why they are so comfortable. My last pair lasted four years too.. They have gone through on both knees but I still wear them because they fit so nicely 🙂

  6. I wish the £/$ was better for those pedals 🙁

  7. The shorts are only a penny less than the jeans. You don’t get the bottom half of your legs covered with those and can’t wear them nearly as much.

  8. Canfield pedals look good. What kind of bearings are they using?

  9. Do KHS have a new importer then? Are they doing the Softail SS Uno??

  10. How’s the ’10 Thor holding up? Have they sorted damped issues from ’09?

  11. # DU Bushing and Sealed Bearing Construction
    Not as thin as the Flypapers! But you have to buy a crank with those so I’ll let them off 😉

  12. “The NBL is 100% Merino wool and has tiny holes in the fabric to give it improved moisture wicking properties. ”

    Really , tiny holes in a wool garment… get away is this a special feature only available to Howies! FFS what is wrong with you people.

  13. Loeka waterproof shorts for the ladies about time!

  14. 100% Merino wool: shrink to size Small to Very Small after 2 washing. You’ve been warned.

  15. the khs is lovely 😀 but will have to wait for my old work bike to die first 🙁

  16. @ Gilles – you might want to check your temperature settings, never had any problems washing merino with the rest of my riding gear at 30 or 40 degrees.

  17. Green tyres and animal print bar tape. oh yes.

  18. LBS had the Uno’s this year; It looks even better in the flesh…

  19. Loeka waterproof shorts for the ladies about time!

    Loeka’s shorts have been available from Minx for yonks.

    Not as waterproof as a proper shell short but a hell of a lot nicer to wear and significantly more crash resistant, too. Ahem.

  20. Pedals win today.

    Is the Howies merino top for £40 a misprint? Seems almost reasonable by their standards.

    It’s the smug little messages that rule them out for me though, not the prices.

  21. Having just used the pedals they seem excellent ! ;]

  22. What Chips are you telling us you pay for Howies Stuff??
    Pull the other one.

  23. We do actually. Not always of course but mostly – the otherthing to remember is that there jeans are organic cotton which costs a lot more to produce ;]

  24. My NBL’s havn’t shrunk at all, one is 3 years old, t’other is 2 years old. My howies jeans last longer than almost any other, but nowhere near 4 years 🙁 I seem to bash the crotch out pronto 😉

  25. Those canfields seem a bit thin. Doesn’t the spindle cuase you foot bend the wrong way and therefore not engage with all the spikes?

    just wondering becuase I’m used to flats being dished or actually flat so all the spikes dig into the base of the shoe fully.

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