2009 Singletrack Reader Awards – VOTE NOW!

by Ben Haworth 27


Your nominations have been sifted through and we’ve drawn up the finalists for each category.

The great thing about our awards is that they are entirely reader based, so it’s all about you and your experiences, so the results aren’t dictated by any bureaucratic back-handers.

NB:  You can only vote once. You can click on images to go to manufacturers’ site. The “Best Feature” finalists are available to read online (again, click the icons to investigate).

Click here to go to the online voting page.

Comments (27)

  1. where’s the shop bit?!

  2. and personality?

    Voted for the stuff that I like and at random for the stuff that I have no experience of. I hope that the Ibis and the Garmin aren’t utter bobbins.

  3. On the way….. Need to find pics of the shops…

    Do you have one? 😉

  4. You could always follow the links and use some of your experience as a rider to make an informed choice on the basis of the information presented to you..

    Or you could be half arsed and pic some random options..

    Depends on the sort of person yo are I spose 🙂

  5. I made my selection on stuff that I would like.

  6. can you just use our logo, I’ve not got a shot of the shop (I’d do one but after the break in it looks pretty shite…)

  7. Were we meant to send in nominations for categories? I missed this:(
    I wanted to vote for the Big Bike Bash as bestest event….

  8. The vote form is back now, bike shop and personality added to the list. Silly me.

  9. it keeps saying “choose some hardware” when I select “I have no opinion”

  10. we got your vote, so I guess it worked…

  11. it amuses me how a trail centre which has no facilities, no trail marking, out of date trail maps and probably lower visitor numbers than penmachno is in the running for “best trail centre”, I suppose it will be Gisburn’s turn next year

    also wondering if the guy who did most of the work for one of the event nominations is going to get the credit? or is it back slapping and self promotion?


  12. Which guy/event are you referring to? Tony Lund with the Weekender?

  13. no mention of the brownbacks racing at lee quarry which attracted hundreds of racers and spectators yet the stw weekender is there – odd
    I think what big and daft meens is tony going to get any credit or are the stw crew going to take it all – a reasonable question

  14. Brownbacks didn’t get many (any?) nominations at the nominations stage I’m afraid (which I did find surprising actually). The Weekender got a lot.

    Yes of course Tony will get credit. The Weekender is up against Ft Bill in that category though :-/

  15. you should all think yourselves lucky that we didn’t do a ‘big’ HTN this year 😉

  16. I am already working on our “we can second to Fort William… again” speech for 2010. 😉

  17. Damn sausage fingers. “came second”. pah

  18. The weekender is a joint thing lots of people make a contribution in different ways as with the Brownbacks events. I don’t give a t@ss who gets credit as long as we have good quality events going on in the quarry. (I don’t need letters expressing eternal gratitude!)

    Singletrack weekender helped a lot highlighting what we are trying to do with local politicians.

    I’m more concerned about how we can make future events even better. Singletrack weekender 2010 will be a winner lots more bits in the quarry to play on by then and lots more time for us to plan fun bits for the events! Open for ideas by the way as to what people would like to see included.

  19. I’m more surprised SSUK09 didn’t get a nomination when you compare to the weekender which had less than half the numbers

    more happening, more people taking part, even dodgier T shirt

    I expect that HTN2 will be a hard act to beat for STW2, hell I’m even planning on entering HTN2

    but at the end of the day it’s just one magazines awards and you can’t blame them for promotng their events

  20. Big-n-daft enter the STW as well as HTN? Then you can decide for yourself. I don’t see any reason why one has to be better than the other though just different!

    I quite fancy doing the HTN2 when is it?

  21. theres a preview ride this sat from a car park somewhere opposite tesco at prestwich theres a thread somewhere with the details

  22. I guess the event may not have been as big as the Weekender and certainly not as Fort William, but having raced 10 at Kirroughtree it was the best event I have done in years on by far and away the best trails (at a trail centre) I have ridden in the UK. I did it as a team of 3 and would well recommend it for 2010!!

  23. Odd isn’t it? But as the nominations are decided by the voters you have to accept the outcome. I would have thought that the BBB would have got a look in too as it was largely a STW forum event, yet Fort William gets a nomination and I suspect that nobody at all from here took part other than by watching. Whatever…

    We (the HtN politburo) went to the awards last year despite being told in advance that we hadn’t won and had a great time. The winner in the Best Event category Fort William and IIRC nobody showed up to collect it, but I could be wrong as we too busy messing about like naughty schoolboys to notice.

    Incidentally I nominated Brown Backs, BBB and the Tod CX as they were done for the hell of it without much cash backing by enthusiastic amateurs/ego maniacs (take your pick). I would have nominated the STW Weekender too but I forgot.

    Maybe in the future there could be a “Sod it, why not do it ourselves?” category for outstanding hard graft with no financial reward for small events, trail builders, cycling club stalwarts and so on.

  24. I love the ‘I have no opinion’ option for the voting. If I don’t agree with the rather limited choice of 3 for each category, then I have no opinion? No – I have a different opinion that varies from the insanely narrow ‘choices’ offered.

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