Relentless 24

by Chipps 3

The No Fuss Endurance events season finished this weekend with the Relentless 24 event based at Nevis Range Fort William. This year’s field was well up on previous years and there was a great buzz around the transition area as riders waited in anticipation for the 24hrs to begin. The classic Le Mans start was a spectacle with riders eager to start Alex Glasgow was fastest of the mark, it was however Kenta Gallagher that was first to mount his stead after the run.

Here’s some footage of the event…

The 2009 course was quite different from previous years with some shortsharp climbs mixed in with a couple of long gradual hauls the technical descents were a balance of natural and custom built trails with the rain through the night the exposed roots were to prove testing for one and all. Competition was fierce Alex Slaven was the top soloist for the men with an incredible 24 laps in 24 Hrs and 7 mins, Nina Rob took the ladies class with a credible 10 Laps. Alex (British Champion) Glasgow and Alex Johnson blew the field away with an amazing 30 laps in the 24hrs. Roger’n’ the eucc took the Trios with the Glencroft Rabble winning the Quads.

Dave Adams completed 6 lap and won the spot prize of a night rider light system in recognition of his efforts as Dave has a prosthetic arm and leg. Frazer coupland race organiser said “Dave is a regular at No Fuss Events, he always has a smile and a bit of crack, to have completed six laps which is twice as much as I managed was immense and we are all really pleased that his efforts have been acknowledged.”

Mahmut Gurtuna and Team Istanbul had travelled in especially for the event were treated to all seasons in one day, they were overwhelmed by the friendly nature of the event and enjoyed the terrain which was quite different from home. They have vowed to return in 2010 and are now working out how they will gain experience in the wet muddy conditions that they battled through the night.

As always a huge army of volunteers have to be congratulated for the efforts in manning the outposts throughout the 24 hours with discoshighland dancing and story telling from the old days being part of the entertainment. No Fuss Events calendar for 2010 will be launched on the 19th of October so keep an eye on the website

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  1. Sorry folks but I have to point out that it was actually Josh Ibbet from Extreme Endurance who smashed the field in the solo men. Good work Josh….

  2. Oh right word over the phone is josh won the senior and Alex took the Vets and overall. Well congratulations to you both..

  3. Yep, vets showed the younger guys how to do it taking 3 out of the top 4 solo positions!

    Great event and course, cheers no fuss!

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