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Morvélo Launches Online shop.

Brighton based Morvélo has launched an online shop so that lovers of their bike-mixed-with-pop culture t-shirts can get their hands on them more easily.

Oli Pepper and Dave Marcar are the duo behind Morvélo. Graphic designers by corporate day, lovers of all things bike in the rest of their lives, they have drawn on 25 years of riding and racing everything from mountain biking to track, road and cyclocross racing and mixed them with their collective decades of design experience to produce the unique t-shirts that became the collectible ‘must haves’ for riders at events through this summer.

Oli explains, “We want to show our passion for bikes even when we’re not in cycling gear and this range that references not only bike culture, but popular culture too, expresses the simple joy of riding and just how great this sport is.”

The Morvélo passion for bikes isn’t exclusive – they love mountain bikes, ‘cross bikes, road, track, fixies, bmx or just the humble commuting hack. And the design expertise isn’t limited to t-shirts either. Collaborations with companies such as Exposure, which has etched Morvelo designs into stunning limited edition Maxx D and Joysticks will see the gradual roll out of partnerships showcasing their original designs on great product.

Visitors to the new Morvélo website can win an exclusive Joystick etched with your very own design. Morvélo will take your idea and use their design expertise to create a spectacular one-off design. Just for you. If you win of course. All you have to do is name your current favourite t-shirt design and suggest an idea for a new one. Just go to to stake your claim to this great prize. And grab yourself a t-shirt while you’re there. It’s bicycle art.

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From technical gear…
…to not so technical.

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  1. …looks great but when I clicked on the link, lots of the stuff appears to be out of stock! Doh!

  2. Ahh yes, the perils of a tiny company!

    The next batch of t-shirts should be all printed up within the next month. The technical kit will be slightly longer but not too long we hope. This will be made through Endura as we’re not large enough to order 1000’s of garments via the Far East and really just want our designs getting out and about.

    We’re getting there though. A bit like a new born foal we’re finding our feet and should be running around in no time 🙂

  3. Morvelo

    Great kit. Do you have a retail outlet in Brighton, or is it just online?

  4. Hi there Paceman. Just online at the moment although we are looking at getting our stuff distributed into various bike shops too.

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