Fresh Goods

by Nathan 10


Fifteen.G Crankset
From: Jungle Products

This is a lightweight crankset from Fifteen G which has some nice design features. Like most other cranks available on the market with the arm and spindle made from forged 7050 aluminium. However, the rest of the system is a bit different. The arms are connected to a huge 30mm spindle and the cranks spin on an oversized external bottom bracket bearing system which has a built in non-contact shield. The spindle uses a proprietary polygon interface (aka the green triangle from a box of Quality Street).


New Singletrack T-Shirt

This lightweight cotton T joins our ever growing list of quality clothing products and displays an eclectic display of colours. However, this top will only be available on a promotional basis to Direct Debit subscribers and anyone who signs up via our new “introduce a friend scheme”.


Elete Electrolyte Add-In

Electrolyte “cordial” for adding to water or other drinks. Claims to turn any drink into a “sports drink”.


Mucky Nutz Bender Fender

This strange-looking piece of equipment comes from our friends at Mucky Nutz. It may look like a fancy pair of y-fronts, but this is actually a mud-guard. It comes with a Velcro strap for installation to the arch and struts of your fork. The easy attachment system means removal is simple and as the panel flattens out, it can be simply wiped clean and reset. The Bender Fender is currently only available in black but plans are in the works to produce some other colours.


Drift X170 Action Camera

This new toy comes from our friends at Action Cameras. It is a wide angle camera. The camera comes ready with a handlebar grip, goggle mount, helmet grip, head strap, universal clip and a Velcro strap. When the camera is mounted, the lens can be easily rotated through 300° to ensure that you maintain an upright picture at all times. Then, using the provided remote control, which can be attached to your arm or handlebars, the camera can be controlled without having to remove it. The 170° wide angle lens captures all the action at 720×480 video resolution and there’s a 5mp camera function too. When you’ve finished filming, the 1.5 inch LCD display screen is there for instant playback of your footage.

Here’s some footage we quickly grabbed earlier…


Santa Cruz Syndicate T-Shirt

Celebrating the recent success of their Syndicate member and DH king Steve Peat. Made from organic cotton. Unfortunately, this version of T-shirt is not yet available from the Santa Cruz website, and we’re not sure if it ever will be.

A plethora of bike maintenance products from Kaboom!!

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  1. I’ve been using that Elete stuff this summer. Turns water slightly salty and makes for easier hydration. A few drops in the camelbak won’t make it go all grunky because there’s no sugar.

  2. Camera looks promising – any idea on £? …and can we have an on-trail demo too please, so that we can see what footage is like when it is being shaken to bits?

  3. £199 on the linked website

  4. they SHOULD produce a t-shirt to celebrate peaty’s win, but it should be more about him and less about their brand.

  5. oxym0r0n – I’ll be taking it out on rides whenever I can.. we really need a camera that is a good balance of pic quality, size, ease-of-use etc.

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