An Uplifting Innerleithen Video

by Ben Haworth 6

A weekend of Uplift at Innerleithen on big bikes.

Contains a special cute starter of babies, kittens and dogs.

Ends with very rusty riding in the local hills. That slab is more awkward to get on than it looks – honest!

Thanks to: Uplift Scotland, Mats and Da Midlands crew, Orange Bikes for the lend of the 224, the weather.

Comments (6)

  1. Mat did you ride off that rock?

  2. You can you just need to look the other way, the stopper at the top is a lot lumpier than it looks ;] and the drop of the rock is bigger of the other side of course ;p

  3. That was funny, the slow motion fall overs are the best.

  4. Nice control on the 2nd approach, and top marks for style using your arse as a back brake when you headed off down the slope! Sheer genius.

  5. It’s amazing how slow and not-steep video can make things look!

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