Alarmingly Good Locks

by Nathan 12

Alarm lock-MAXISecurity lock company Yale have released a new range of alarmed locks.

The alarms, which will be available in Mini, Standard and Maxi sizes, use a combination cable lock and tamper alarm, which is triggered if the cable is cut or the case is attacked. An optional motion sensor setting can also be used when your belongings are away from view.

The Standard and Maxi sizes will be suited for bike security, as they have a 110dB alarm and come with a 12mm by 1500mm and 20mm by 850mm strong steel cable.

The locks retail at £13.99 upwards here

Alarm lock MINI

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  1. That just seems to make sense – provided they don’t false alarm when you’re trying to open them

  2. To buy them the link is

    great idea. how do you know if the battery still works or not?

    If only they made one that caused the thieving gits ears to bleed, and then a delayed uncontrollable bowel movement as they got a 100 yards down the road.

    “Yes officer you’ll find the thieving git down the road in a poodle of his own faeces, with his bleeding and crying for his mummy”

    inventors please do this. just make sure they don’t go off and cause teh owner serious emmarrasment.

  3. Funnily enough we had a lit of people coming up to the stand at the London show asking where they could get a product like that.

  4. Stuff that how about the robot sentry system they had in the movie Aliens.

  5. Which tough loud one do you recommend for locking in the house/shed?

  6. They seem almost too inexpensive – the maxi is only £27.

    A decent Abus granite is over £60 and that doesnt double as a rape alarm.

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