Trek 2010

by Sim 10

The Trek 8500 Disc. This year the 8000 series gets a new frame design to bring it more up to date with the rest of the line up, so you get a hydroformed down tube, semi integrated headset and a bunch of weight knocked off it. £1800 to you.
The 8000 WSD model. No pink in sight, hurray!
Welcome to the top of the line. This is £5000 worth of carbon hardtail. The 9.9 uses a no-cut seat mast to help save weight and stiffen things up. And to look cool. Trek say it's a Madone for the dirt.
Whilst the carbon Top Fuel has the funky seat mast design the aluminium version has a more practical full length seat tube for dropping the saddle. And it's cheaper.
The Fuel EX gets the DRCV shock that was debuted on the Gary Fisher Roscoe last year.
The Remedy goes down in travel from 160mm to 150mm this year, lightens up with the addition of a carbon model and gets a DRCV shock. This Remedy 9.9 with a brown lacquer over carbon was possibly the best looking bike at the show. And that's saying something.
Team colours! We do like the houndstooth design. The Session is a dedicated DH bike now as Trek have ditched the FR version and replaced it with the Scratch.
This is the 'cheap' version of the Session, the Session 8.
The Scratch is all new for 2010 and is available in air or coil sprung flavours. The Scratch is aimed at riders who want to, or have to, pedal to get to the bits they really want to do; the descents. 'Session skin, Remedy soul' is the tag line, and that just about sums it up.
It's colour co-ordination alright, whether we like it though… 142mm rear spacing with a 12mm axle on the rear and the ability to run a HammerSchmidt up front. Interesting.
The Gary Fisher Roscoe was one of the stand out bikes of 2009 for us, and it seems Fisher are pretty happy with it as it remains unchanged for this year.
The Gary Fisher Rumblefish is essentially a Roscoe with 29" wheels, but it's not just been a case of stretching a Roscoe to make the wheels fit, it's been a ground up design.
Despite not having a clue how a road bike shifter works, Sim was rather taken with this Fisher Cronus.
Just a nice looking bike, the Trek District.
The Bontrager RL shoes now have some nice inner designs.
One for the, cycling, man about town. Making bike clothing look not too bikey is great way of encouraging non-cyclist onto bikes and Trek know this.
Classic design. Also available with matching cap…
…and gloves. One for Matt we reckon.
Bontrager have a bunch of new tyres and a new system to help you work out which one to go for. Basically the number of the tyre, in this case 3, denotes how aggressive the tread is. 1 is not very aggressive, 4 is very.
Mono rail?
This is graded 1, not very aggressive tread. You may have guessed that though.
And here's a 4.
29ers are well catered for with a heap of new designs.
The Ticket is aimed at kids, and their parents, who want a bike that is tough but looks good and doesn't cost a lot.
It's good to see what a grand can get you these days, in this case a Trek 6500 with RockShox Recon forks, SLX and XT. That's not bad at all.

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  1. incredible range – what exactly is the trek district ? a singlespeed urban drop flyer ?

  2. Yup, you got it, exactly that.

  3. one of those bikes looks a lot like a giant trance.

  4. really like the look of The Rememdy

  5. Never lusted after a carbon mtb before but that Remedy looks amazing.

  6. those inform shoes look great in pictures but rubbish in shops/when you try them on

  7. Tartan lining…. oh dear…..

  8. The District in the pic is the District 2, behind it, the grey flat-barred bike with orange aero wheels is the District, which is the belt-drive version.

  9. I’ve rode the carbon remedy. It’s awesome. Got a new Ex9 coming too.
    The 2010 stuff is great. I have to admit though, the new shoes are suprisingly good. I used to be a specialized kit man but the new range are of apparel is great.

  10. After a lot of pondering I took the plunge and got a nice shiny 2010 EX9 just like that one a couple of weeks ago. It looks amazing in the flesh and having flung it around GT and Mugdock I couldn’t be happier. That Remedy looks great too……..

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