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Interbike 2009-49
New season, new colours. Magura's new blue Marta
Interbike 2009-48
It's still one of the lightest brakes out there, now to match your blue bike.
Interbike 2009-45
Sweetpea bikes - custom and off the peg bikes for women. No excuse for not 'cross racing now girls...
Interbike 2009-40
A Thule product that we really like - it straps to your wheel and allows you to step up and get bikes on and off the roof rack, folding up when you're done. Just remember to remove it before driving off!
Interbike 2009-31
It's a wheelbarrow? It's a bike trailer with a centre-stand and fold out handles actually. As anyone who's tried to manouevre a loaded BOB knows, they have minds of their own. This one from Maya looks great.
Interbike 2009-30
Loaded up, with (non-drybag) bag, wheelbarrow arms folded back for use and kickstand deployed. We like!
Interbike 2009-29-1
Go Pro will be making an HD version of their camera available in the Spring. The footage being shown on the stand was astounding. Yes, that's a real GT40 in the background...
Interbike 2009-28-1
The most photographed slogsn of the show...
Interbike 2009-26-1
Schlamm - as well as being a great sounding word, it's also German for 'mud' and the moniker of the new cyclocross specific clothing company from 'cross expert Simon Burney, with some help from ex-Impsport Dan. They have a full range of mucky-weather wear, including the world's first zip-off bib tights. Lots of stuff for winter training and pre-race warming up.
Interbike 2009-25-1
As well as doing shoe bags, Schlamm offer a stuffed one for Christmas, which includes all sorts of racing gear, like embrocation, a towelling mitt for post-racing wash, sports wash, new socks and all sorts of goodies.
Interbike 2009-26
Momentum Magazine put on a fashion show - here's Western Spirit Tours guide Simon Stewart in some dapper city clothes with Brooks' new panniers.

Interbike 2009-23
Pink bike and is that a beaver in the basket? Nice matching shoes.
Interbike 2009-21-1
Red wheels - Fulcrum Wheels (from Campag) are set to be a big player in the wheel world. This 20mm all mountain wheel comes with a sticker telling you to ONLY use UST tyres, which is interesting...
Interbike 2009-19-1
We don't know where you can get one, sorry...

Interbike 2009-17

Interbike 2009-15
Need more 'bong' in your race supporting? A company there sold nothing else...
Interbike 2009-15-1
One for seaside dwellers and those with damp cellars. It's not just a bike in a plastic bag. It's a bike bag from Zerust, which releases an anti-corrosion vapour and keeps your bike rust-free. It's used in shipping steel products and is guaranteed for five years.

Interbike 2009-14-1

Interbike 2009-13-1

Interbike 2009-12
Carbon forks from Niner, including the tapered steerer model (nearest) to fit the new Air9 hardtail.
Interbike 2009-12-1
Straitline Jeff Lenosky signature pedal, complete with gold plated pins. Not one to grind down the kerb...
Interbike 2009-11-1
The Fishbowl, aka the Interbike Media Room. Our source for internet, bad coffee and comfy sofas during show hours.
Interbike 2009-10-1
Scott showed Nino Schurter's World Championship XC bike. Not only is he running Dugast tubulars (on carbon Ritchey wheels) but they're team-edition tyres that have $400 of silk thread in them each!
Interbike 2009-9
Rocky Mountain fixie had these funky untapered oversize messenger bars. Oh, and for the guy who wanted a picture of the 2010 Blizzard? They weren't showing it, sorry. But they're still making them.
Interbike 2009-8-1
Cove's Hooker - a short travel 4X and messing around bike.
Interbike 2009-7-1
We can see the Cove G-Spot being quite a popular machine.
Interbike 2009-6
Thule are looking to come out with a new luggage range, complete with burly wheels, tough ally frames and lots of pockets for stuff.

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