Interbike Report Two – More Dirt Demo stuff

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Don’t worry, there’s plenty of stuff still to bring you. Mark and Chipps have been out in the desert, roasting to a natty pink colour and poking cameras in people’s faces. They didn’t seem to mind. So, on with the show.

This time we can show you Steve Peat’s Worlds bike, a full suspension belt drive bike and Titus’ limo…

Interbike 2009-69
So that's why their bikes aren't cheap - here's their 1960 Cadillac limousine. More on their new models in the next story!
Interbike 2009-67
Liking the smooth lines here? You've just been lusting after a 29er - the Tall Boy from Santa Cruz. It's possibly the least ungainly looking of the full suspension wagon wheelers.

Peaty's winning bike
Peaty's winning bike - it might look like a stock bike, but check out some of the tuning features for the fast and smooth Australian Worlds course.
Interbike 2009-64
Yes, that is a ten speed SRAM Red road cassette.
Interbike 2009-62
Red XO rear mech looks almost normal, though an XX shifter drags it across ten sprockets.
Interbike 2009-60
Blackbox cranks and alloy chainring bolts
Interbike 2009-58
Yes, that's a 160mm rotor up front. Peaty doesn't brake that often. Don't try this at home on your DH bike.
Interbike 2009-56
And a 140mm rear rotor for the rear XX brake - and what's that? Three (Ti) rotor bolts holding it on. This bike was truly stripped down.
Interbike 2009-55
Mike Ferrentino holds a press conference for those MTBR chaps and talks about the much misunderstood Driver 8.
Interbike 2009-52
Rejoice big wheel fans. Now you can ride a Foes B-29.
Interbike 2009-50
The Spot/Gates Carbon Drive was busy with people wanting to try the silent belt drive (actually not that silent in the desert, but noiseless in the wet). Here's a Ti Spot with a 14 speed Rohloff hub.
Interbike 2009-49
Due to the tension needed in the carbon belt, the only (currently) viable suspension designs are those that pivot round the BB.
Interbike 2009-47
Full suspension belt drive. Now, name that frame...
Interbike 2009-46
Ibis has a slew of new colours out now and here's the silver one. Lopes' bike will be in the next story, if you've not seen it from our Eurobike coverage.

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