Interbike Five: More from the floor

by 31

In an attempt to get you all the new product news as it happens, Chipps is going to be uploading pictures of all the new things he’s discovered, then heading back to the show to find more and then returning later on and captioning things. You can usually work things out anyway from the photos, but we’ve got all the trade brochure info in the room here too and we’ll be adding details as we get a moment.

Interbike 2009-76
Ortleib's super weatherproof bag. Basically an inpenetrable fortress on the back.
Interbike 2009-75
But take it off, throw the wet outer side on the wet ground and you can get to the centre split zip, kept clean and dry by nestling on your back all that time.
Interbike 2009-68
A quad of Pivot frames.
Interbike 2009-66
Who wants to be teh first to say 'Ooh, I wouldn't like to try that in the mud'? Pivot's suspension causes the front mech to pivot, following the wheel path.
Interbike 2009-65
Interbike 2009-64
'Freedom, by WTB' is their new urban line. The fun looking Thickslick has a super thick tread designed for you brakeless fixie hipsters to skid with.
Interbike 2009-61
WTB Mutano Raptor in 2.2 and 2.4 - and do you want to see their 29er, 2.5in Downhill tyre?

Interbike 2009-58
Crank Bros for Lefties

Interbike 2009-59

Interbike 2009-55 Interbike 2009-52 Interbike 2009-51

Interbike 2009-49
No caption needed. It was some sort of dried stuff on a stick

Interbike 2009-48

Interbike 2009-46

Interbike 2009-45

Interbike 2009-43

Interbike 2009-42

Interbike 2009-38

Interbike 2009-36

Interbike 2009-32

Interbike 2009-31

Interbike 2009-27

Interbike 2009-26

Interbike 2009-24

Interbike 2009-23

Interbike 2009-22

Interbike 2009-20

Interbike 2009-19

Interbike 2009-18

Interbike 2009-17

Interbike 2009-16

Interbike 2009-14

Interbike 2009-13

Interbike 2009-11

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