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Interbike 2009-8
One of the most innovative products we've seen at the show so far. This 1Litre, All Clear bottle from Camelbak is designed to purify water from all contaminants. To do this, you fill the bottle with murky water, then screw in the special purifying wand and press the button. BOOM! The water is treated to an measured 80 seconds of UV light that will remove all baddies from your water. One for the next bivvy trip we reckon. No, it probably doesn't work too well as a nightlight or disco accessory, but you could try. It does look pretty.
Interbike 2009-6
At rest. When you're done purifying, the wand can fit into its special holster (right) for safe keeping)

Interbike 2009-5
Now, there really are some water geeks out there. Camelbak has been repeatedly asked' by the public (that's you...) for a flow meter so that riders can keep track of how much they've drunk, and how much they have left in the reservoir. It's not something that normally comes to mind for us, we just squeeze the 'bak and see if there's any left. Regardless, this gadget screws in-line on your water pipe and not only tells you how much you've drunk and exactly how much remains in your bladder (the Camelbak one...) but you can tell it how much you want/need to drink an hour and it'll tell you if you're ahead or behind schedule. Not much good in Dorking, but possibly essential in the Moab desert.
Interbike 2009-4
Camelbak's great tip-spouted bottles now come in unbreakable stainless steel.

Interbike 2009-2
A Camelbak flow meter, today.

Interbike 2009-1
A studio shot of the All Clear bottle, which shows it a little better than Chipps' handiwork

Interbike 2009-1-2
We can see this being hugely abused in university drinking games.

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