Genesis 2010

by Sim 24

Genesis have made a name for themselves offering well designed, well specced bikes for a good price. For 2010 they are keeping with that winning theme but adding some style into the mix too. And it's fair to say they've added it in spades.
The Altitude is Genesis' steel offering, and it's not just any old steel, it's Reynolds 853. A frame can be had for a £399.99 while a full bike is available starting at £799.99.
Putty grey and metallic burgundy work really well.
The iO is a good example of how Genesis work, a hub geared hardtail seemed a good idea for UK conditions, so they made one. Last years was a success so they are carrying on.
Alfine hub gear or just stick a single speed wheel in.
A prototype titanium iO frame, the ultimate mud plugger? We shall see…
Everything looks lovely when the sun shines on it and the Altitude Ti looks particularly lovely. As for Albert…
Same frame as last year, new understated graphics, just as it should be on a Ti frame. Frame price £1099.99
Ben ran an Alpitude as his long termer and was mighty impressed, but James, Genesis designer, thought things could be improved so it's been slackened off a touch, had a 150mm fork plugged in up front and been given a make-over. We approve.
The aluminium Core usually gets looked over in favour of its steel brother the Altitude, but in this purple it's hard to ignore as is the price, £1199.99 for the Core 50 with XT, SLX and Recon forks.
Genesis Day One Drop Bar, £499.99. That's all you need to know. These will sell out quickly.
Prefer your Day One with flat bars and slick tyres to drops and knobblies? Fine, same price. Roller not included. You might get Bert though.
More skinny tyred loveliness, this time in the shape of the Flyer. £599.99 gets you one of the prettiest street bikes we've ever seen.
Detail is everything. The Flyer has plenty.

Comments (24)

  1. Always liked the look of these bikes, and they look even better now.

    All bikes should have metal head tube badges.

  2. flat bar day one looks mighty fine… you can keep the roller; bloody thirsty, besides, be quicker on the bike!

  3. As a graphic designer, I have to say they’ve done a nice job on the look of their frame – nice and understated. Class. Hmmm Altitude or P7…

  4. The Core range is looking much nicer now the tubes have been slimmed down. Shame the same cannot be said for Bert.

  5. I don’t think Sim’s chosen the most flattering of lenses to shoot me with but..alas, point taken – I do need to rack up some more miles! 🙂

    The new bikes look great though!

  6. ooohhhhhhhhhhh ….. flyer me want one ….. tissues please !!!

  7. Yeah, yeah, just blame the photographer. 🙂

  8. Don’t beat yourself up Sim, I think your photos really capture the true essence of a carpark in Milton Keynes! 😉

  9. Does the day one drop bar have a flip flop hub/the option of fitting a cog to the other side?

  10. Yep – comes with a fixed/freehub rear hub and a Shimano 16T freewheel as standard (no fixed sprocket incl.)

  11. Don’t know if anybody else has noticed this but the Recon on the Core has a thru-axle.

    Hmmm, stiff 20mm axle loveliness on the cheap.

  12. Do I see some Herb there on the ALTITUDE Sim?

  13. Lubalin-esque, yes, possibly a touch.

  14. And where’s my Crois de Fer? Hmm? I’ve been waiting for it since June now and I didn’t see it in any of those pictures. C’mon, stop teasing me now, the Scottish Cyclocross season starts in two weekends.

    B. 🙂

  15. CdeF are due end of October.

  16. I’ve already had Bert and have no wish to have him again. 😉

    Loving the idea of the ti IO (TIO?). And name is already down for an Alt-ti-tude. 🙂

  17. I have already patented the TiO name PMJ. And demanded a free frame in return.

  18. Heh! Good skills! Young Jake was calling it the TIO the other night, so it’s already working… If it proves popular you may wish to up that to a new frame every year!

  19. i have documented evidence of prior use of the TiO name mr P, sue me!! )

  20. I called TiO first. Like ages ago. Before any of you. so there.

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