Eurobike Video Finale

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It’s the end of an era. Well it’s the end of this years videos from Eurobike at least.

In this Episode.Incredible excitment over grips, Charge bikes, a little sneaky peek of their new clothing (with free sound effects) Rigid forks and general confusion.

WARNING: Includes Middle aged Men dancing unconvincingly to dance music.

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    I’m fairly sure its a hare, not a rabbit. Hence Wild Hare, Rare Hare, etc. I’d have thunk a northerner would know his ale 😉

    None of the Singletrack Northerners went to Eurobike 🙂

    It is a hare,,,brilliant Bath Ales have several ales , and even a pub named after the fabled creature! Charge Bikes crew obviously have great taste.

    What on earth is that statue behind Brant in the final clip?

    Brill… but Vimeo is SOOOO slow to load as usual compared to other Tubes… We’re not all on the Hebden Bridge Superhighway.

    Brant in the final clip? I thought it was Chipps?

    Up the Radstock crew! Whoop Whoop!

    Not Sami – Matt here – It may meant to be a Hare but it’s the Rabbit in Watership down that collects you you when you (Sob) die (weep) FACT*

    *Maybe anyway ;]

    She said the word flange, hehe.

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