Eurobike Day 3 Part 1

by 12

More parts of shiny, shiny metal from the Zeppelin halls of Friedrichshafen.

Comments (12) is actually quite an interesting idea, can’t see why it’s not been done before. May be more resistant to uk conditions and the weight saving may be useful for people running remote lockout forks and adjustable seatposts.

    Oooh I could have an ‘elbows’off’ with the Crank Bros lady – mine are much more colourful 😉

    Baylis on the 661 section is a true comedy genius.

    Big up the Bengula House massif.

    The ortlieb back-pack/pannier idea looks interesting.

    Why don’t men get kissing birdies too?

    Is it just me, or was Matt very attracted to the Powercordz lady’s breasts???

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