Commencal 2010

by Sim 11

Rus and the Ramone. The Ramone is on the right. It's been a while since Commencal had a long travel hardtail in their line up, possibly because it's quite a UK thing, but after a bit of nagging from UK riders and distributors Madison they've come up with the Ramone. Commencal have tried to make it feel like it's a Meta 5 without the rear shock, the idea being you can switch between the two without having to adapt too much.
This is a prototype frame, the production models will be slightly longer in the top tube, but they'll be sticking with this colour. They should have used (Sheena) Easton tubing though. Sorry.
The 'top tube mounted shock with a swing link and slack angle' silhouette is appearing all over the place at the moment, like, er, here. The Absolute SX is built for the jumpers and slopestylers out there, but we can see it being popular as a general hardcore thrash bike.
The pivot is around the BB, just like Rotec have been doing for years, and indeed like the Kona Bass we reviewed in issue 52. It'll be available as full bike or frame only.
Lots going on at the dropout end of the bike. The SX can be run with gears, as a singlespeed or even with a hub gear if you really want and you can use 10mm or 12mm axles.
More orangness in the form of the Supreme. We have one in on test at the moment and we'll be revealing what we think in issue 54. Wow, that seems a long way in the future…
The RRP on this VIP 4X Titane is scary. It is limited edition and it does look good, but you could almost buy 4 aluminium Absolut 4X frames for the price of the Ti one. Ouch.
The Cromo Absolut comes in some great colours. The yellow is particularly nice.
Madison didn't have any of the new carbon models to show as Commencal had nicked them all back for various trade shows. So instead here's a photo of the aluminium 2010 Super 4 which has been given a tweak so it can run 120mm forks rather than the 100mm of last year. Rus reckons this will be 'the one'. We shall see.

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  1. no pics of the Meta 6? 🙁

  2. Gabba Gabba Hey! I sooo want one of those Ramones.

  3. Meta 6? Hang on, I’ll just look through my library…

    …no. Didn’t get that one, sorry.

  4. no worries, just like the lookie of the bike and want to see more. Any reaction from Commencal about the apparent spate of snapped frames?

  5. 2010 bikes and frames are all on if you want to see the Meta 6. I am tempted by the carbon Super 4 frame kit option.

  6. Who’s the schoolkid in the 1st photo? 🙂

  7. If you look very carefully at the last picture near the toptube ….. and you focus really hard …. you can see exactly where it will crack 😉

  8. Hmm… very interested in that new Meta 4 – any info on geometry? 🙂


    Or here if you meant the 4X if that is more your bag

  10. 69.5 degree head angle.
    74 degree seat angle.
    Low BB.
    I reckon a 140m fork on there would be fine 🙂

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