Clif Shot Bloks

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Apologies for using a studio pic - I've eaten all mine!
Apologies for using a studio pic - I've eaten all mine!

Clif Shot Bloks
Price: £2.25
From: 2Pure
Tested: 6 months

Like the whole “Five A Day” thing, I’m aware that I should eat certain things more frequently than I do. Yet even after all these years of riding bikes I still don’t eat “energy foods” on rides even though I know they’d do me the power of good and improve and extend my rides. And I know I’m not alone in this regard either, pretty much everyone in my regular riding posse are similarly nutritionally slack.

That was, until these Shot Block arrived from Clif. We eat them all the time. They key things about the Blocks is that they’re not messy to use (like gels), you don’t have to eat a whole pack one one ride (they keep okay in your pack) and they’re actually pleasant to eat. They don’t feel like a chore to consume. But they still give out a noticeable increase in energy. Quicker than an energy bar but not as rushy and stomach-hating as a gel. They’re like a longer-lasting lower-amplitude gel.

Overall: These are the only “format” of energy foods that I’ve ever taken to. Try some, you might be converted too.

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    I love em. Taste just like jelly lumps and they make you go fast.

    the ones i tried were grim (I thought). eat jelly cubes

    A colleague of mine ate a pack of these along with slugging two cans of Monster. Damn, he was bouncing off the walls for two hours and then he had a huge sugar crash and was a miserable get for the last hour of the day.

    The orange ones are rank, but the strawberry ones are lovely. Pity the strawberry ones don’t have nay caffiene in them. gels don’t agree with me, but these are terrific.

    My favourite too, but a bit pricey over this side of the Atlantic. I always have them hidden at the bottom of my pack to save me. Of course when I’m completely broken I tend to forget that they’re there = :87.

    I still don’t eat “energy foods” on rides even though I know they’d do me the *power of good* and improve and extend my rides

    What on earth are you talking about??! This is just nonsense marketing bumpff reitterated as if some sort of verbatim truth. Just pseudoscientific marketing rubbish.. Have you heard of this thing called: F.O.O.D. ???

    It’s right great like, tastes good and helps you ride for hours and hours. It comes in all varieties. I eat it all the time.

    Overpriced and synthetic, energy gels, drinks, bars, (weird blobs?) are all well and good for those very rare occasions when we are doing something very, very weird to our bodies (i.e. racing), but otherwise I’d just stick to normal f.o.o.d..

    There’s a really good reason why these types of products taste like rubber and make our guts do sommersaults.. You just ain’t supposed to eat them.

    (And you certainly don’t need to eat them “more frequently”)

    Malt Loaf/Bananas.

    End of.

    I’m with Benji and Kelvin!

    Great stuff and a little bit more scientific and easy to store away in your bag for ages unlike some F.O.O.D.

    I wish they brought the whole range of Cliff products over to the UK they are pretty good especially their expresso gels it can get you out of a whole world of hell.

    I liked these :o)

    gonna have to find these to try

    anyone know if these bad bhoys would be ok for a crohns sufferer.i cant take anything with high fibre content so im on the lookout for energy stuff that wont send me into the woods for half an hour!!

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