Camelbak Octane XC

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IMG_2969Camelbak Octane XC
Price: £49.99
From: Zyro
Tested: 9 months

A race-specific pack from the inventors of hydration systems. The Octane is a lightweight performance pack with very little storage but what storeage it has is very good. The waist belt has a pocket either side which are ideal for storing gels and other racey type stuff and the front flap has a small pocket which is just big enough for a tube a small multitool.  The bladder is a 2 litre version and comes with the Hydrolock bitevalve. This is still the best system around.

In use the pack has been great. Very comfortable with the “right” sized bladder for racing and just enough space for race essentials such as gels and CO2 canisters. The down side to this pack is the lack of space if you want it to fullfil trail duties, it just isn’t big enough.

Overall: A great race pack but just too small for all the trail riders out there, if you like Enduro races and Mayhem-style events then I strongly recommend this pack.
Oliver E

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