Singletrack Trail Guide – Highland Wildcat Trail, Golspie

by Ben Haworth 2

Golspie 027

Highland Wildcat Trail at Golspie reviewed by Singletrackworld member Jason Curle…

“The Highland Wildcat trial at Golspie is a long, long way away from me, but I would quite happily do the 20hr round trip again to ride it again. The layout nicely mixes Blue, Red and Black runs that flow almost imperceptibly into each other. Located on the hillside next to the small town of Golspie in Sutherland, about 50 miles north of Inverness, there are only a few (very lucky) people that could call this their local trail. There is no lavishly furnished visitors centre to sit around and discuss how ‘gnarly’ the trail was, or how you railed the berms down the hill. Golspie has a cafe that sells large slices of cake, and a chip shop among other things. Anyways, there is plenty of time on the drive home for most to discuss the trail…”

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  1. “The trails are on the right hand side just as you come into the town.”

    Erm, i made them on the left as you are heading north along the A9.

    Coffee Bothy does excellent food, and the trail is well worth making the effort to ride twice.

  2. Will be up there with some regularity from September onwards, as folks now have a house on the peninsula across the firth. I’m quite excited to have this facility in proximity, and will be looking forward to trying it out, along with others in the area.


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