Issue 52: 4X Bikes Video

by 7

4X full sussers is the theme of the bike test for Singletrack issue 52. We were wondering if they’d be The Perfect Bike for riding modern UK trail centres. So we took them to arguably the swoopiest of trail centres – Brechfa Forest in south Wales (click for our Trail Guide review of Brechfa Forest).

Bikes tested: Commencal Meta 4X, Foes 4X 2:1, Kona Bass, XPrezzo Gamjam.

Read more in issue 52 when it hits the shelves in early September.

Comments (7)

  1. Hmmmmm . . . I think the fun of little 4X bikes has been lost somewhere in that clip ;>) – looking forward to the mag article though. Should’ve come to Cwmcarn – you could have added my little Tazer to the list.

  2. No offence meant but I think that jumpy stuff doesn’t translate too well to helmet cam footage.

  3. Hey, it’s pumpy not jumpy 😉

  4. Yeah, they rock at that stuff- you wanna try Afan’s Energy trail too – fantastic fun 😀

  5. which bit of the bike is the camera connected to?

  6. Every time i see footage of Brechfa, i like it, never been, so cant wait for SSUK next year…

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