Gore Bikewear TranWales 09 Update

by Ben Haworth 1

Mike from the TransWales Team writes…

The supporters of the GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales ‘09

For the 4th ever TransUK event we have found a dedicated group of sponsors some of which have been with us for a while some are new to our organisation. Before we head out to set up the event village we would like to say thank you to all of them. Without their help and support the event would not be able to go ahead. A big thanks goes to title sponsors GORE BIKE WEAR™, Buff Headwear (www.buffwear.co.uk – open female category sponsor), Saris (www.saris.com – open male category sponsor), Ergon (www.ergon-bike.com – vets category sponsor), Merida Bikes (www.merida.com – mixed category sponsor), Schwalbe tires (www.schwalbe.com – open solo category sponsor), Squirt (www.in2dust.co.uk – open vets category sponsor), High5 (www.high5-online.com – performance fuel) and our night stage sponsor NiteRider (www.2pure.co.uk).

Entries – very last minute

If you should be the impulsive type than you can still join the party. There are still some places left for this year’s event. So if you want to come along please get in touch via info@mtbtransuk.co.uk.

Daily updates from the GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales ‘09

We are once again equipped with a couple of 3G modems and will be able to send ‘almost’ live reports from the GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales ’09. We are aiming at giving you a daily report of the previous day’s events with results and standings and with as many photos as we can send through.

GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales ’09 on TV

We will have a camera team from BBC Wales joining us for a couple of days. The coverage is planned to be aired on BBC Wales at 1.30pm on Wednesday (19th August) and in between 6.30-7.00pm Wednesday (19th August). So watch out for that!

GORE BIKE WEAR™ at the GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales ‘09

The team from GORE BIKE WEAR™ as well as the team from TGSTORE.ent (official GORE BIKE WEAR™ clothing retail partner) will be with us throughout the week offering their Try B4 U Buy concept on certain days of the week as well as some special event offers. Through their Try B4 U Buy concept the guys will lend you a jacket, shirt, vest or gilet to test and give the once over during your ride. GORE BIKE WEAR™ products are made from highly durable technical fabrics such as GORE-TEX® and WINSTOPPER® products and designed to enhance your cycling experience whilst allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead of you.

If you aren’t sure what to test out ask the on-site technical team for advice. You simply hand back what you’ve tested at the end of your ride (they will even wash it for you!) and if you like what you’ve tried you can purchase a new one from TGSTORE.tent in the event retail village. Take a look at the new stock for this season on www.gorebikewear.co.uk.

And to top it all off the GORE BIKE WEAR™ team will have lots and lots of prizes for the event.

GORE™ RIDEON cables at the GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales ‘09

Besides offering their great clothing range at the event you will also be able to get your hands on some superb GORE™ RIDEON cables throughout the week. The mechanic team from www.Elitetechpcs.co.uk will offer free fitting for the GORE™ RIDEON cables. More details on the technical backup below.

Starting location

We will start the GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales ’09 at the same location as in 2008 – the White House Farm in Builth Wells. For details on White House farm including how you get there please go to www.whitehousecampsite.co.uk. The post code is LD2 3BP.

Latest downloads on the TransUK site

We have put up the start list (confirmed entries only) for the solo and team starters on the www.mtbransuk.co.uk website as well as the camping/finish location plan. Please click on the download buttons at the top of the home page.

Lights for the night special stage

The NiteRider Night Special Stage is the 3rd special stage of this year’s event and will take place on Wednesday evening/night. Please make sure that you bring appropriate lighting for this stage and that all your lights are fully charged for the event. You will not need lights at any other stage of the event. NiteRider (www.2pure.co.uk) have provided some great prizes which will be given out to the winners of the various categories of the night stage.

Car parking and camping at White House Farm

There will sufficient space at the White House Campsite to park your car for the week. Please keep in mind that you are leaving your car at your own risk. We will keep an eye on it but we can’t take responsibility for your vehicle. Please also make sure that all valuables are removed from the car or at least out of site.

As we are sharing space with some other campers at the White House Farm we would like everybody to follow the instructions from our team as well as from the campground team. We have designated space for our event and we have stick to that. If you require electrical hook-up for Saturday (15th) night and/or the following Saturday (22nd) night please be expected to be charged for that. To avoid all hook ups being taken please pre-book your space via www.whitehousecampsite.co.uk. If you don’t need hook-ups than there is no need for you to pre-book camping. Simply turn up and follow the instructions.

Bike security

There is no secure compound at the GORE BIKE WEAR™ TransWales ‘09. We suggest bringing a sufficient lock to lock the bikes in little groups outside your tent.

Spares and technical backup

We will have the team from www.Elitetechpcs.co.uk accompanying us for the week providing technical support to the event. The team will have highly trained mechanics and will be travelling with us from location to location and will be set-up and ready for action before the 1st rider comes over the line. Please keep in mind though that they will not able to get hold of very specific items that might be on your bike and that might suffer throughout the week. Please make sure that you bring exotic spares and anything that you can image they might not have in their truck. The most important parts are derailleur hangers and exotic brake pads. The rates are favourable but their services are not for free. Payment is only in cash.

Above all make sure that your bike is in perfect working order before you arrive to avoid problems.

Massage team

Besides the technical backup we will also have a team from MTB Works travelling with us helping you with any aches and pains you might get over the week. Check out their offerings and maybe get in touch with the guys for pre-bookings on www.mtbworks.com. Again their rates are favourable but their services are not for free.

Catering, food only tickets and waste

As in 2008 we are intending to keep the impact the event has on the environment to a minimum and we hope that we can count on your support on this. We will put various clearly marked bins up so that we can separate the rubbish for recycling. Further to that we would ask you to bring your own mug as you will probably use it a lot throughout the week. We will have cardboard mugs available but would like to reduce the numbers used if possible.

Our caterer EXTREME HOSPITALITY will once more put a varied and filling selection of dishes together and they will start serving food on Saturday (15th August) evening.

If you require food only tickets for your support crew than you can purchase those at registration for £ 125. Please keep in mind that we can only accept cash or cheque payment. There are cash points near the registration though.

How much gear you can take

The holdall you will be given at registration is roughly 35 x 40 x 100cm big. In that bag you have to pack all your cycling gear, gear to wear in the evening, sleeping bag and mattress. The only extra thing we are transporting is your tent.

Registration times

The registration and the event village will open at 12 (noon) on Saturday the 15th September at the White House Campsite in Builth Wells. The event will be signposted from Friday lunchtime onwards but please go to http://www.whitehousecampsite.co.uk/How_to_find_us.html for detailed directions. The registration will stay open till 8pm on Saturday. There is no registration on Sunday morning. If you can’t make it to the event in Builth before 8pm on Saturday evening please call 07976 586418 to arrange an alternative registration time.

Mobile phone

We are asking every team to have at least one mobile phone with them when out on course. Please make sure that your phone number is registered with the race organiser. As there are no official charging stations for mobile phones or other electric appliances please make sure that you have battery life left for possible emergencies.

Route booklet

As in 2008 we have created a route booklet which every rider will be given at registration. The route booklet has a backup map for every day as well as some ride details for the linking stages. If you require a 2nd copy for your service team please let us know when you sign on.

If you have any questions please let us know. You can email us on info@mtbtransuk.co.uk or ring us 0117 9040139. From Friday morning onwards please ring 07976 586418.

So that’’s it for now

see you at the weekend

.and if you can’t make it this year than hope to see you in 2010.

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