2010 RockShox Lyrik

by Ben Haworth 13

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The Press Release in full…

The RockShox Lyrik was born as an all mountain trail machine and in 2010 it matures with best in class prowess. A new 170 mm travel option will compliment the already strong 160 mm offering of all mountain control. Crossover is the name of the game with Lyrik.

As you can imagine the potential is endless due to the important new updates and various options in the Lyrik family. Options like Lyrik’s three (3) damper and four (4) spring choices are at your fingertips for early evening rides or hours of climbing and descending.

The most substantial update is realized in the ride quality or “feel” of the two Mission Control dampers we offer. The first is the re-valved Mission Control damper for this model year. The mentality behind this damper stays the same, the floodgate is intact as one of the quickest and easiest climbing tools in the all mountain realm, while we slightly changed the compression tune for better bump performance. The second completely new damper,
Mission Control DH, is aimed at the rider who prefers the descent. This option is purely focused on bump performance. Both dampers share updates to their rebound damping, which now features a larger displacement shaft and the removal of an internal tube, so a larger rebound piston can be utilized.

Lyrik is already known to live up to the heavy demands of the all mountain world but with substantial updates to the overall fork family, we can see the evolution of RockShox technology at it’s finest. This evolution also contributes to weight savings. A new Maxle Lite, built specifically for All Mountain and Freeride platforms, and an updated solo air assembly produce a perceivable 70 gram reduction in an already sleek and sturdy chassis.

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Comments (13)

  1. 170mm would be good on a nomad me thinks!

  2. No 170mm coil u-turn. Shame, that would have been perfect.

  3. Ive got 2 pairs…. mmmmm soooo nice.

    i think they will be about £1099 at a guess from factory rates.

    only arrived last weel so it will be a while before the shops get them.

  4. prices for these things have to go down, i have a pair of 2-steps which are fantastic but £700-900 for a set of forks is obscene, let alone an estimated £1100!

  5. get with capitalism…

    Price is not actually dictated by the customer, mearly a replection of the multiple of the cost price for stuff like this. Distributors and shops still need to make the same margin.

    You might not think its worth the money but they will not have a problem shifting them unfortunately.

    The main reason they have gone up is the poor state for the currency exchange

  6. @ £1099, they’ll struggle to sell against FOX’s 36, albeit ‘only’ 160mm……

  7. Prices confirmed at £775 to £899 depending on spec.

  8. Impressive weights! Now a genuine alternative to the Fox 36 for me, in fact I’d be tempted to swap my Totems for a 170MM 4.8lbs solo air.

  9. pauly – who’s confirmed prices ?

  10. 900 quid or so is pretty obscene, especially when you eventually open your forks up to service them and find a few bits of plastic, some small springs and O-rings. yes i realise they need to actually design these things but still..

  11. Fisher have confirmed pricing. All 2010 RS forks will come down in price apart from a couple of models of SID which stay the same.

  12. what frame to put them on though, thats the big question in my mind 🙁

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