New Exposure lights spotted at Mayhem

by Chipps 2

Now that's a display

The chaps and chapesses at USE and Exposure Lights have been busy down in Petworth and they used the Original Source Mountain Mayhem to showcase some products and to do some sneaky testing of others…

First up is this, as yet unreleased, prototype Diablo headlamp. Using a multi-chip, four-LED P7 light unit, ribbed body and custom lens, it kicks out a claimed 700Lumens - as much light as an Exposure Enduro MaXx2 light, but with the convenience of head-mounted operation. The lens isn't final, but a sneaky lap with one by one of our team showed it to be one of the best mountain bike headlamps we've seen yet.
USE are now carrying the Sport Torque, torque wrench, sensitive enough for all those delicate stem bolts - the full kit is £110 and includes driver bits and a matching bottle opener. It'll be £80 or so without tool bits
Who knows when this will be out, but did spot it being worn by someone around camp. It's similar to the light that John Ross took to the Iditabike in Alaska this spring and is basically a split-apart Joystick with a separate battery on a headband. There's no release date on this one, but it's good to see Exposure Lights playing with different designs. We'll let you know more when we know.


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  1. basically a split-apart Joystick

    Could it be called the Shaggy? Assuming they could resolve the complicated rights issues surrounding the name with the West’s finest endurance MTBer …

  2. will it come with a clip on beard?

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