Royal Racing SP24/7 jersey

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Royal Racing SP24/7 jersey
Price: £34.99
MMA Sports
Tested: 14 months

Review: Singletrack Magazine – Issue 38

I must confess to being an unwilling tester for this garment. I’ve never worn tops like these before. Mainly because I think they usually look ‘goalkeeper’ naff. It was only when I ran out of other jerseys during a week’s riding in Italy that I reluctantly pulled the SP24/7 Jersey on.

I was an instant convert. For riding in warmer weather this jersey is pretty much perfect for me. There’s no zip to snag or feel bunchy – the material is light and breathable enough so it doesn’t need further ventilation. The cuffs aren’t the usual too tight and long affairs you normally find on ‘freeride’ jerseys – just tight enough to stay in place. The low-cut back doesn’t ride up when wearing a hydration pack. The seams are flatlock and are ‘invisibly’ comfy. The lack of rear pockets suits me fine – lighter, comfier and I have a hydration pack for carrying stuff.

Having full arm coverage is good for preventing sunburn as well as a bit of protection against shrubbery. They also stop you feeling chilly if it gets windy or you find yourself riding back from the pub later than expected. The cut isn’t overly baggy either so there was no undue flappiness.

It’s 100% polyester and does a great job of wicking sweat away without getting damp and heavy. It’s not something you can wear for a few days without stinking. Having said that, I rinsed it out under a tap after each ride and it dried out very quickly and was stink-free enough to wear the next day… and the next.

Overall: Apart from the vicar-esque collar, this is my ideal warm weather riding top. With a base layer on underneath and a gilet or jacket over the top I expect to be wearing it a lot over winter as well.

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    Downhill jerseys do that to wheels.

    haven’t I seen this review before?
    Like years ago?

    Terra, some of us don’t get the mag, so it is a very welcome addition

    There’s a clue in the text: “Review: Singletrack Magazine – Issue 38” 😉

    it’s kind of wierd to read the review whilst wearing the exact garment…. a favourite summer jersey.

    ah. I see it now. Duh.

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