Lee Quarry Hope Series Race 3 Preview

by Ben Haworth 0

The Brownbacks team write…

Marshals wanted! We can’t do it without you. Get in touch with us at info@brownbacksracing.co.uk if you can help. We even offer a free £50 cash draw, a hot drink and anything else we can manage to get for you. You need to be on-site by 08:45, email info@brownbacksracing.co.uk for details.

Sponsors and prize lists:
The overall sponsor Hope has put up some great prizes for the overall series winners as well as providing the custom cut disks for the winners trophies. With a Vision 4 led, a Tech X2 brakeset and the brand new SP XC6 wheelset (not even in the shops yet!) up for grabs for the overall. Leisure Lakes have dug deep to support the racer category with a total of £300 of vouchers up for grabs at each race including a first lap prime of £25. Ride-On and Max Gear are providing the prizes for the “Weekend Warriors” and “Have-a-go Heroes” with a great products and vouchers for the winners. There are also some “fun” prizes including a singlespeed trophy and crud catchers for the riders who can’t keep it clean!

Ladies, Max Gear have stepped up with sponsorship building on their support for professional women’s racing and are generously providing a proper prize list with vouchers to the value of £75, £50 and £25 for the top 3 racers and £50, £25 and £10 for the top three of the other two categories. These are being supplemented with hydration packs provided by  Max Gear and Ride-On. Support the racing, support the sponsors!

The laps are about 4.5 km and include some stiff climbs. The course comprises fast open track, a big bermy rollercoaster section and long sections of fast technical singletrack. The trails are very technical in places and include a few points where they are quite rocky or exposed. Please note, the course is NOT the same as last time we have moved the finish and found more new trails. The Have-a-go Heroes still have their own route, again this is different to last weeks.

Please note that we have a strict “no assistance” rule which includes technical support and feeding for all categories. We therefore recommend taking a chain link, spare tube, tyre levers and pump as a few people didn’t on race 1 & 2 and it was race over when they had a mechanical.

On parts of the course overtaking is difficult, riders need to keep a sense of humour and work together, otherwise large sections of the best trails will no longer be useable.

What to do:

Rider wanting to overtake: If there is a clear point to get past, shout “rider left” or “rider right” and overtake quickly and cleanly on the relevant side. If is a diffcult technical section ask the rider in front to give you the side. Do not expect them to stop or to veer off the trail, they can and should defend their line if they feel it is unsafe to give you room. You do not have a “right of way”.

Rider being overtaken: On a shout of “rider left” or “rider right” expect someone to attempt to pass you on that side, give additional room to allow a safe overtake where safe to do so. On a difficult section the rider behind may ask for a side, say either “not yet” “x metres” “go left” or “go right”. It is as much a benefit to you to get them off your back wheel as it is to them to get past you, be reasonable and allow an overtake where possible. If you are in a technical section and are not able to move off your line safely you are allowed to defend it.

Abusive language or violent conduct is prohibited, any rider who engages in either will be disqualified and barred from the rest of the series. Be nice out there, please and thanks go a long way.

Schedule: Race 3 (Timings may vary slightly on the day)

08:30 Registration opens.
09:30 Course marked and marshalled.
09:40 Registration closes.
10:00 Racer category start.
10:05 Weekend Warrior category start.
10:10 Have-a-go Hero category start.
11:30 Bell for last lap.
12:15 Prize Presentations.
12:45 Interim results available on-site.

Toilets are provided at the event village, which is about 400m from the start.

First aid cover is provided by the Rossendale And Pendle Mountain Rescue Team and they will be sited within the quarry.
Leisure Lakes and hopefully Hope and Ride-On will have stands offering race support.
We should have 2-3 professional photographers lurking around so make sure you keep smiling!
Onsite Catering: 
The event village will have a coffee and cake vendor, there is a café and a pub opposite the main entrance and the Rose ‘n Bowl Stacksteads is recommended for a post race pub meal (closed BH Monday).

The winner of each category will get a trophy. Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers in each category. There will also be series prizes for the overall winner in each category, with the best 3 results to count.
The racing is BC sanctioned, but please read our rules. There are no ranking points available.


Full directions are available on the http://www.brownbacksracing.co.uk/ website and the entrance to Futures Park will be signed.

Marshals wanted! We can’t do it without you. Get in touch with us at info@brownbacksracing.co.uk if you can help. We even offer a free £50 cash draw, a hot drink and anything else we can manage to get for you. You need to be on-site by 08:45.


Mandatory crowbarred-in plug for the Singletrack Classic Weekender at Lee Quarry, July 4th-5th 🙂