Straitline Components and Ryan Berrecloth to Release Bear Systems TM

by Chipps 10

Straitline Components of British Columbia Canada have teamed up North Shore Local Ryan Berrecloth to launch new safety measures for the infamous North Shore and Whistler regions of BC.

'He's behind you!' - the casual looking Ryan

Controversy has been stirring over new safety measures for all mountain bikers in British Columbia, Canada as mandatory bear laws come into effect as early as this month, banning all lift and trail access to those not compliant.


Straitline Components has just released a beautifully shot promo video to educate people on the product and new Law that will be in effect all across BC. They couldn’t get a bear costume, so had to make do with a gorilla suit. (Just ignore that aspect of it. Besides, how many bears have you seen who drink coffee?)


Straitline Bear Bell Technology from Eric Peterson on Vimeo.


For in-depth information on this new law read up on it on the Straitline components blog

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  1. Ryan Bearrcloth, surely?

  2. Someone came in v.early for that 😉

  3. LOL – Not a bad one for the 1st…

  4. Bear Systems are going to distribute the new range of Vibram tyres as well.

  5. Poor effort. 1/10

  6. LOL. I thought it was only mandatory to carry a jar of honey to distract the bear while you made your getaway.

  7. You’re fine as long as you’ve not got a picnic basket with you…

  8. the glasses one was better.
    poor effort here Bearclot

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