Spooky Horror Taxi

by Ben Haworth 13

This frame is handmade by Niall Gengler for Spooky and is made of ox-platinum and costs just shy of £1000.






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  1. 650B wheels? Bit of a clue there though. I’ve been looking at these but more with an eye on chunky tyres and a 140mm fork. They look really nice and I quite like the name.

  2. Looks nice, but £1000 for the frame? mmm.. no 🙂 In the end its a few metal tubes welded together…

  3. How do you make a Chromag even more expensive? Put Spooky graphics on it of course!

    Nice bike though.

  4. $1000 as a US price should no way equate to £1000 as a UK price. That’s taking the p!ss. Unless the £ is a typo…

  5. As a frame, thats stunningly beautiful. Worth twice as much as a Soul (if it were 26″)? Erm, possibly based on looks alone!

  6. Yup – not a good deal when you think of the talent in the UK for custom frames – at least equal in materials and qaulity for 30% less cash money! Just put your name on the waiting list for a Yates or a Mather.

  7. Love the skinny tubes and the brake mount

  8. A beauty i used to have a metalhead that was a great bike this no doubt will be the same

  9. What is ox-platinum?
    Google: OX Platinum is a proprietary superthermophillic (heat-loving) alloy, developed in partnership with the US Steel Alliance. The composition of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium with an unprecedented 217 ksi ultimate tensile strength makes this alloy actually gain strength through a metallurgical transformation in the heat-affected zone as a result of welding or brazing. OX Platinum is highly temper-resistant, resulting in an 11% increase in fatigue life and a 20% increase in impact strength over the competition. The increased mechanical properties of OX Platinum allow for incredibly strong, yet lightweight frame designs with that legendary feel of steel ride quality.
    So a steel company names its product after another metal? Base metal made into gold!!!

  10. Hey Folks,
    Thanks for the kind words. We love building and riding those bikes.
    If you are in the UK, there are two ways to get a Spooky…
    One is from the guys at Wight Mtn, and the other is directly from us here in Massachusetts;

    Some lucky Londoner (Hi Lee!)has set stuff up with Her Majesty to handle the import tarrifs etc, so if Wight Mtn doesn’t have things in stock, we will ship directly from our shop here in Mass to you (It’s like CRC in reverse!) What that means to you is that you get a bike about 3 days after we send it, for our US retail price + the 19% your government takes. Making bikes in the US out of materials made here in the US is not cheap. Not cheap at all. But we don’t have a bike company to have the cheapest/best bikes made. We have a bike company because we like making the best bikes, ourselves!

    The horror taxi is a semi-stock frame, Fully-stock frames are $800, custom tube selection on stock geo is $1,000 and fully-custom frames start at $1200, That’s in US dollars, and you pay it to US, Spooky, in the U.S. When the guys at Wight Mtn (who are our only dealer in the UK, on purpose!) sell you a frame, it will end up being right around the same price as buying one from Us here in the U.S., with the added benefit of having a semi-local stockist to check out the eye-candy and perhaps answer little questions…


  11. I really want one of these

  12. If I was in the market for another Hardtail, this would be it.

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