Sea Otter Report Four – Race Face

by Chipps 7

Race Face had something to please all riders – from their new body armour and huge new bars, to their super-light carbon crank – now with titanium axle…

Armour – Race Face has full-on armour and also less burly stuff for those of us who don’t race downhill for a living. They are now offering their armour in women’s and kids’ sizes too – properly designed for each group, not just scaled down blokes’ stuff.

Full on stuff on the left, more 'burly-XC' on the right.
Now you can wear brown...
Colours too - these are lower profile and lighter use pads for the urban rider.
The new Atlas bar is a reachy 785mm long
Yep, purple's back...
Colours available for Atlas and Atlas AM too. Here's the tougher Atlas cranks.
And here's the full range of Atlas AM cranks
Or how about a limited edition gold Deus crank?
It doesn't show well in this shot, but the Deus cockpit has gold decals to match the gold crank.
How to make a super-light crank even lighter. This drops the weight from 730g to 695g.
You'll want to shout about it if you have one fitted, so this'll help.
Race Face is really pleased with their new chainrings. 18 months in design and made of durable 7000 series alloy. Lots more shifting ramps for smooth shifting and reasonably affordable compared to Shimano's top-end replacements.
Here's the new NEXT Ti crankset in all its shiny glory. Don't expect it to be cheap, but then it is 88g lighter than XTR...

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  1. The NEXT Ti crankset looks the bee knees, I think i have to have that in my life. No signs of cost yet?

    wouldn’t like to think how much the replacement chainrings are…

  2. really like the ano orange/gold and purple Atlas crank arms!

  3. In the US a set of chainrings is $100 or so, so not that expensive…

  4. In the UK it’ll be £120+ I reckon. Awful colours for those who have their pictures from the ’80s. Yuk!

  5. The cranks RRP is $700 US Pritty good for the weight and quality.

  6. Who’d have thought chainring ramps could be sexy. Maybe I should have a long think about that.

  7. Seeing as an XTR outer ring is £100 or so, it’s probably still not too mental.

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