The New Manitou Dorado

by Ben Haworth 16

Ed from Hotlines has written thusly…

The Dorado has landed!
The wait is finally over, the legendary Dorado fork is back in the UK and it looks awesome!  We just received the first sets into our warehouse and from the moment you open their travel case you know that you are looking at something special.     
The 2009 Manitou Dorado MRD is a limited-production, hand-assembled, competition-level downhill fork. It is a technology centerpiece for Manitou and demonstrates their design, manufacturing, and performance capabilities. The product development cycle lasted approximately three years and incorporated ride testing with some of the top professional athletes in the world. Julien Camellini (UCI #10 ranking), Chris Kovarik (UCI #11 ranking), and Melissa Buhl (UCI #15 ranking) were the primary contributors in the athlete testing program. Production will be limited, and began in January of 2009.
The fork weighs 2902g (6.4lbs) and utilizes a 36mm inverted design with outer legs constructed from a custom modulus carbon fiber. Maximum travel is 203mm, and the fork can also be converted for use at 180mm. A self-equilibrating air spring is used in conjunction with low-speed compression, TPC+ (high-speed compression), and rebound damping adjustments to provide a wide range of tuning capabilities. Each Dorado is carefully hand-assembled by expert technicians in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, where a database is maintained with information on each fork and its owner’s setup preferences.
Customers who purchase a new Dorado will receive two no-cost overhauls of their fork within the first two years of ownership. This service will be performed by qualified Manitou distributors. Each overhaul will include a complete tear-down and inspection, replacement of damper fluid, and replacement of all worn or damaged o-rings, dust wipers, and oil seals. The Dorado will be delivered in a sturdy, re-usable plastic case designed to protect the fork during transit.
Manitou Dorado Key Features:-

-Dual layer carbon outer legs
-36mm hard anodized stanchions
-Internally adjustable travel between 180mm and 203mm.

-Self regulating positive and negative air springs.

-Advanced TPC+ damping
-Hydraulic Bottom out and top out.

-20mm HexLock Thru-axle.

-International Standard integrated stem mounting.

-6.4 lbs (2902g) 

External Adjustments

-Self regulating positive and negative air spring.

-Rebound adj.
-Low-speed damping.
-High-speed damping.
Included with the fork:-
–  Both tall and short crowns
–  2 free services within the first two years of ownership
–  Deluxe carry case
–  Shock pump
–  Detailed instructions on DVD for fork setup and tuning tips

For more information on the Dorado and your nearest retailer contact Hotlines


Comments (16)

  1. Go on make everyone laugh, how much are they?

  2. I imagine they cost about the same as an XT cassette now…

  3. £2,499 was the last price I’ve heard mentioned!!!!!!!!

  4. About £2500 isnt it? I know they are special, but for that price Id worry if I would actually put them on my bike…

  5. Don’t worry they’ll be on crc in a couple of months at a knock down price no doubt.

  6. already there

    Must take a long time to pump them up with that tiny shock pump!

  7. I’ve gone a bit giddy.

  8. A set of Öhlins forks for a GSXR costs £1,758!!! Why on earth would a set a MTB forks cost £2,500???

    When a mate of mine, who works as a design engineer in the car industry, saw a photo and the price of the Dorados the other day, he stated that they are either doing something seriously wrong to have to charge £2,500, or they are ripping people off…

  9. Well considering these have to be made considerabely lighter than motorbike forks I don’t think it’s a fair object to compare these forks with. Yes, they’re expensive but they openly state they are competition level forks. Like Boxxers used to be before they produced them for the masses.

    I love the fact they’re delivered in a rifle case. Geeky as that is.

  10. £2,500 is about £1,700 in last year’s money.

  11. If the damper cartridge doesn’t pi55 oil all over the stantions first ride out and you don’t have to strip them every 15 minutes to protect the sliders then frankly, they are worth every friggin penny…

    of course they should still be the right side of $1000, even with the $5 gun case.

  12. twohats has it – ohlins for me too 🙂

  13. Yep they are about £2.5k, Dirt reckoned they were making a tiny profit on each fork and they’re more of a tech excersie. Think of them as a set of MotoGP or WSB forks rather than regular dh forks.

    Dirt have a pair on test on an IntenseM6 look out for an article soon.

  14. If Ohlins made a mtb fork it would be more expensive than anything that Manitou make. Does Manitou make a shock as expensive as the Double Barrel?

  15. I’m still giddy. No use for them at all, but they tickle all the right areas for me.

  16. “If Ohlins made a mtb fork it would be more expensive than anything that Manitou make. Does Manitou make a shock as expensive as the Double Barrel?

    Öhlins dont make the Double Barrel shock, Cane Creek do. Öhlins designed the shock for Cane Creek, and then they see fit to charge a silly price for it, because, as it it seems in the MTB world, charge a way over the odds price for something shiny and hoards of gullible MTBers will pay the price due to them falsely perceiving a high price as perceived higher quality…

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