Shaggy Finishes 4th in Alaska

by Chipps 8

Shaggy in early training with the 'Frostee Penguin' crushed ice maker. It proved invaluable.

That’s all the news we have so far – John ‘Shaggy’ Ross has finished this year’s 350 mile event in the worst snow that they’ve ever had. He came 4th – not bad for a first attempt.

There’s a great story on the conditions in the Anchorage Daily News

And much of John’s story has been updated on his blog – Daze of Tundra – and we’ll bring you more news as we hear it. Well done Shaggy! And enjoy that beer…


In a quick email from Shaggy in Alaska, here’s what he has to say for himself so far:
I know some of you already know, but I made it in to McGrath last night. There was a lot of snow this year and much of the trail hadn’t been broken. They say it was the hardest year yet. I was running second at the start but then broke the hose on my camelbak on the second stage, it all poured out down my back and legs. Believe me water freezes pretty quickly at -30. My Stealth Tights literally saved my ass but I had to ride 5/6 hrs with my legs and saddle frozen up. That lost me a lot of time. Later I spent almost 40hrs alone pushing/lifting my 60lb bike through waist deep snow trying to catch the leaders. On the last day it all came together and I was 2hrs quicker than anyone else on the last stage. I finished 4th. I’m happy with that.

I’ll write some more when I get a chance, but I’m feeling a bit brain dead at the moment!

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  1. A legend and he’s from Brizzle where the best riders come from!!

  2. awesome stuff, well done!

  3. Amazing effort – great stuff!

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