Our Boy in Alaska

by Chipps 15

Apart from wishing Shaggy all the best, we’ll be checking for updates on both his official ‘Dazeoftundra‘ blog and on the Official Iditarod Website

Here’s a shot of the start that we poached from Shaggy’s website. It’s from Carl Hutchings. Hope you don’t mind, Carl…

We highly recommend reading Shaggy’s blog – not just to see how he’s getting on, but to see some of the preparation he’s put into the event… Here’s just one entry where he lists the contents of his ‘drop bags’ which contain two days’ food – or 8000 calories per day…

“Each bag is 16,000 kCal- 2 days worth of food, they weighed in at about 9lb each. Obviously I’ll be carrying more from the start and there are a few places where food should be available on the course.

Here’s what I packed in each bag:
Mule Bars
Trail mix- nuts, raisins, chocolate raisins, M&Ms, jelly beans, dried fruit and berries, coconut flakes…
Spare batteries, Lithium of course.
Gels, some caffeinated.
Chamois cream
Pop tarts (an old Iditabike favourite- they hardly freeze and are dense with calories!)
Assorted chocolate bars
Wasabi bean mix
Pork scratchings
Beef jerky
Nuun tablets
Cough sweets
Hot chocolate
Instant soup
One Reiter dehydrated meal
Clif Shot Blocks
Hand warmers
Vitamin tablets”

Go Shaggy! Checking the leaderboard at 2am, he was second equal with James Leavesley behind a storming Jeff Oatley. Keep up to date here

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  1. ha ha… check out the guys on the start line with no beards…….!!

    good luck shaggy…. best beard always wins the iditarod..!

  2. Also Aidan Harding is doing it, another singletrack guy.
    Go Ross, go Aidan!!

  3. Also, also, Good Luck James Leavesley, doing the quite insane 1100 mile version this year. Hope you got the boots sorted James?!

  4. good luck fellas!!

    I can’t help but notice there’s a fair supply of “energy products” but no toilet paper? not too many dockleaves in that neck of the woods ether I’d assume! 😀

  5. my understanding is that no bog roll is needed as, at those temperatures, everything freezes on contact with the air. thusly, it can just be snapped off ‘cleanly’, with no need for further paper-based attention.

    100% of fact that. possibly.

    go shaggy! go other STW people!

  6. Go James Leavesley, he’s motoring.
    Don’t ignore him just because he hasn’t got a beard 😉

  7. Yeah, another shout for Aidan. There were issues with his drop bags, so he’s having take the extra 8kg of food with him the whole way (obviously eating it on the way tho). That’s not far off him taking the weight of my road bike with him in extra food! Nutters….the lot of ’em.

  8. Keep it up James. Don’t sleep too long at those check points.
    I’m Jealous I’ve been fasinated by this race for years.

  9. Good to see he’s made the 3rd check point, I was getting a bit worried yesterday! Go my beardy almost-twin!

  10. He’s got through the 4th checkpoint! I shall be eating some pork scratchings to celebrate.

  11. looks like a tough year to be out there!


    Will James doing the full race continue?

  12. That is probably the worlds biggest gathering of Surly Pugsleys (with the exception of the surly factory).

    I know I regret not having one in my quiver after a few days of rare Dorset snow.

    Note that only shaggy has a proper beard, how are the others doing to scare off grizley bears without a real big beard.

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