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With the trails looking a touch less sloppy at the moment fast rolling tyres have become a mini office obsession. Here we have a big box of rubber from Maxxis bursting with Ardent, Aspen and Crossmarks.
We were quite fond of the Titus El Guapo we had in to test a while back, so we're eager to see how the new Titus ftm performs.
The ftm's dropout area has hints of Schwinn about it.
Want a 69er on the cheap? We see if it's possible in issue 49.
Topeak Ratchet Rocket. For when a normal multi tool just won't do.
Want a CO2 inflator with fangs, you want the Topeak CO2-BRA. Cute!
Ergon GX1 grips, seemingly the grip of choice for endurance racers.
Evil iMac meets Neoguard, the mudguard that doesn't make your bike look like it's covered in plastic tat.
Safety at work. Chipps tests out the new graphics on the Giro Remedy while piloting our coffee machine. It's the raddest he's going to get until he gets some forks for his Orange Blood.

Comments (16)

    Neoguards; a more tatty option than a bit of ‘tube???

    is that a rancilo? nice looking machine whatever it is.

    I want deliveries like this on a Friday too.

    Or just send the Titus to me and I’ll quit whinging.

    Cannot go round with a bit of inner tube as a mud guard, plus they’re free and if fitted well look okay, slightly gimp like though!

    It’s a recently serviced WEGA machine.. It’s the most valued piece of office kit we have!

    easy on the tamping chipps!

    Man, why doesn’t my NHS office look like this – bikes, bits and a proper coffee machine!

    I’m liking the topeak tool alot.

    what forks for a blood?

    Do they really ship bikes with derailleurs attached, it looks that that one is already bent half off!

    those RRP guards work really well and are dirt cheap. I’ve never had less mud in my face during a ride.

    It’s a recently serviced WEGA machine

    Seems you are better in doing coffee than riding bike then 😉
    Very few people understand the importance about servicing the coffee machine.

    My German riding buddies were all fascinated with my new RRP guard at the WE. Nobody had seen anything like it. Needless to say I think CRC will be doing some brisk business this morning from Germany.

    Not sure about schwinn for that pivot position but it matches pretty closely to my Giant NRS.

    I’ve had a Topeak Ratchet Rocket for a while now.

    Useless as a bike tool but the business for assembling flatpack furniture!

    I have those grips – very light and very VERY comfortable!

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