2Stage Bikes Helmetcam Vid

by Ben Haworth 4

2stage_youtubeWith a helmet cam strapped to his forehead, 2Stage sent Rhys, and a few of the local boys, out to get some footage on their rugged local trails.

Thanks to Rhys Henderson, Craig Troughton, Alan Mails and Richard Clarke for featuring in and capturing all the thrills and spills.


Comments (4)

  1. Good incentive to go to NZ with the bike I think…

  2. Must….. build….. coiler….. FASTER! (Like I will be able to ride that well…)

  3. Wow. Excellent camera work for a helmet cam. I was watching that on my iPhone and I started to feel a little queasy at times…
    Oh to be able to ride like that, and the bikes are pretty tasty, too.

  4. ok, but nowhere as near as good as this helmet cam video…..


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