Win a Gold GT at Mountain Mayhem

by Ben Haworth 7


As a part of the GT presence at Mountain Mayhem they will be giving away a limited edition Golden Zaskar. This special edition bike will be awarded, at Midnight on the Saturday of the race, to the rider that posts the fastest lap time prior to 11 o’clock that night. To qualify the rider must be an official entrant of the event and they must be unsponsored i.e. a privateer racer. The bike is based on the top of the range Zaskar Team model but features a exclusive golden finish with custom golden parts from Shimano, Mavic and Fox. The bike will be on display at the GT stand with all of their latest offerings in the Mountain Mayhem trade village prior to the presentation at midnight. For more details about the bike visit

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  1. Being gold, it’ll be heavy and scratch easily.

  2. Luckily it is carbon with a gold finish so it’ll be light and durable.

  3. Define “unsponsored”. Does that mean:

    1. Does not receive a salary from a registered UCI world trade team.
    2. Does not receive a free jersey and a cheap bike from a BC registered team.
    3. Does not receive a discount from their LBS.

    All of the above are forms of sponsorship.

    What does the fastest woman get then? Or is this a boys only competition?

  4. Unsponsored in our definition is an unpaid rider who does not ride for a race team or receive a free bike to race on. Basically a privateer racer who is primarily self funding.

    The contest is open to all, there are no individual categories with regard to sex, age, riding ability etc.

  5. starlet it doesnt matter i going to win it im tellin you;)

  6. i’m new to this site, but be aware, it will be mine!

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