Trail building and repair sessions in Bristol are re-starting in February.

by Chipps 1

Bristol has a reputation as a great city for mountain biking, and is one of the few cities in the UK where you can have a great ride from your front door, but in wet weather its local trails are synonymous with claggy mud and giant puddles. Over the past few years volunteers from the Bristol biking community have been gradually weather-proofing the trails and making them more fun to ride whatever the season.
Although they are fully supported by the land managers the sessions are rider-organised and run, and as well as repairing the trails there are opportunities to build new features and improve the flow of the existing tracks. All tools and materials are supplied and new volunteers are welcome regardless of previous experience.

I remember when this was all trees – oh, it is…

From the wonderfully named ‘Dig and pig’ day…

The first trail day will take place on Saturday 7th February at Ashton Court and there is another session planned for later in the month. For more details check out or ring Antony on 0771 265 0857.

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