Introducing the Racebak – the Camelbak You Wear

by Ben Haworth 10

Believe it or not, something very akin to this “wearable hydration system” was how Camelbak started. Way back in the mists of time, the founders of Camelbak got the idea of stitching a bladder into a jersey. For one reason or other they then went the way of small backpacks (that didn’t hold anything apart from a bladder). And only after that proved to be successful did they start to produce rucksacks that held a few accessories as well as a bladder.

Also, some of you may remember that a few years ago Camelbak made a backpack for roadies. But it got banned (surprise surprise) by the UCI for offering an unfair aerodynamic advantage (or something like that).


The Racebak is made from close-fitting, compression fabric that is lightweight and breathable. The positioning of the flatseam stitching replicates rucksack harness. To further keep the 2.1 litre bladder in place there is an internal bafle inside the bladder that keeps the bladder flatter (ie. prevents it becoming undesirably “tear drop” shaped). There’s a removable back panel in the bladder “pocket” that is insulated on one side and mesh padded on the other (for wicking and comfort).


Obviously the Racebak will primarily find favour with some road riders but Camelbak hope to see it being used in other areas of cycling – and in other sports as well. The Camelbak Racebak is available in both men’s and women’s versions and in small to XL sizings.


Another little thing from Camelbak is their new Podium Chill Jacket insulated water bottle. Holds 620ml of liquid without being any taller than a regular non-insulated 710ml bottle. Incorporates Camelbak’s excellent lockable Jet Valve mouthpiece. The Podium Chill Jacket is lighter and more pliable than other insulated water bottles. Includes Hydroguard antibacterial protection. Dishwasher safe too 🙂

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  1. That has the potential to be great for running if it doesn’t jiggle around any.

  2. Jolly convenient for taking a wee snifter or fifty in to a ground for the rugby.

  3. @CaptainFlashheart: Read my mind!
    Depending on price, could give the Beer Belly/Wine Rack a run(?) for their money.

  4. Bet that’s a right laugh trying to refill it mid ride without taking the jersey part off! Add layers of clothing, mud and sweat into the equation and its quickly going to become a pain in the arse…

  5. plus it looks like a sports bra across the front….

    cue lots of moob jokes from yer mates.

  6. ..the bells! …the beeeelllss!

  7. Wassit called again? The Hunchbak?

  8. I like it – but then saw the price (on bikeradar)


  9. I wish I would have had one on Sunday. I could have filled it with soup and used it as a hot-water-bottle.

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