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    Looking at a tablet for Mrs Sheeps for Christmas – she mostly wants it for browsing, movies/TV and some reading – unlikely to be playing any games. Looking at either the Nexus 7 (2nd Gen.) or the Samsung Tab 8 – which I know is a slightly lower spec. processor, but has more screen for no appreciable difference in overall size (and thus better for cheeky reading of singletrack when she puts it down!!). And the Samsung has expandable memory which the Nexus doesn’t (which confuses me why not!?)

    Any recommendations?



    But id be interested what you go for as I can’t decide!


    You want one of them iPad Airs I got one last week and it’s just ORSUM. Failing that an iPad Mini which is in no way inferior just a great user experience in a fabulously appealing package.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    And the Samsung has expandable memory which the Nexus doesn’t


    Not sure you can go too wrong with either, Nexus 1st gen was the really 1st good value tablet, it’s 2 incarnation being not quite as great value but still very good & many rate it as the current best 7″ tablet available. I think the Samsung Tab 8 is a lovely bit of kit and a really great screen size, I’d not worry too much about the spec if you aren’t going to be playing games, as browsing or watching iplayer et all, should be handled easily. The initial reviews of the Samsung slate it due to a much higher price (now reduced), a ‘plastic’ feel (which only you can decide on – I’ve fondled one and really liked it), and the lower spec. As both are around the same price now, so I can understand your confusion and “I” would be just as torn, but I suggest the Tab’s lack of spec matters very for your use everyday use.

    I have an ipad 2 (or 3?) and I simply don’t fill it like I do my phone, you stick a movie on it.. watch it take it off and load the next, where-as my phone is filled with music I want to carry round all the time (just incase I need 1000 hours of music to hand).
    …but I can’t see me replacing it any time soon due to hardware limitations (as I don’t play game or use many apps).

    Oh and RM, I’d buy the Apple mini over the air… the air is nice but the mini is gorgeous.

    Premier Icon sheeps

    Thanks z1ppy (and the others)… as you say the price is about the same, and I similarly didn’t feel it was an overly ‘plasticy’ feel either, seeing as it will most probably go in a case anyway (clearly it’s not quite the metal iPad feel, but its cheaper and more importantly NOT AN APPLE! (we have iPad’s at work, and I’m clearly not an Apple OS person)).

    I think the screen size issue is going to win, and I’ll press buy on the Samsung.


    I’ve got a couple of ipads, a surface and a sony xperia z (work related). They all have pros and cons. For general sofa use I prefer the xperia (which may mean I prefer android tablets I guess).


    Nexus for android.

    Ipad otherwise.

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    As I’ve said in other tablet related threads I really like the Asus memopad HD 7. Same manufacturer as the Nexus so they know what they’re doing and cheaper.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    (unless that’s a clever device to inject a functioning sd into the device and then be removed, I’m out
    Oh, and 😆

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