Exclusive: Pretty Sweet 2 part one

December 5, 2011

While some mountain bike filmers aim to capture knife edge, high risk riding with massive hucks, others follow the fortunes of racers chasing down hundredths of  a second. It’s exciting, inspiring stuff but it sometimes struggles to capture what the heart and soul of mountain biking is like for the vast majority of riders.

The first Pretty Sweet was a low key film made by riders for riders. It aimed to capture the simple pleasures of heading out into the hills and seeing where the bike takes you. For this sequel they’ve not bothered with CGI, big names, explosions or super slow motion. No, why ruin a good thing with cheap tricks – they’ve headed out and done just the same, capturing the soul of what it means to ride your bike, heading from trailcentres in the soggy British winter to the mountains at home and abroad as spring begins.

Exclusively for Singletrack readers, here’s part one in full HD technicolour glory:

Part two will be along tomorrow, so check back then…

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