Stocking Thrillers Day Seven

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CUBE Bikes Backpack

We are proud to present you another ultimate Christmas gift: the CUBE Backpack. It’s a beautiful pack in two different colours. It will be a great present for both young and old!

Price: £34.99

From: CUBE Bikes

Fox Shox Low Friction fork seals

Give the gift of less this Christmas! These ultra-low friction fork seals are available to fit every Fox fork out there, from the massive Fox 40 downhill fork to the 32 series of trail and cross-country forks. Developed with the help of seal and bearing specialists SKF they offer reduced friction for improved fork sensitivity, all the while keeping mud, dust, grit and bits of leftover turkey out of the working parts…


32mm seals £24
36mm seals £28
40mm seals £33

From: Mojo Suspension

Fenwicks Foaming Degreaser

Continuing with the classic Fenwicks FS smell and performance, the biodegradable FS Foaming Degreaser is a wet degreaser with rich foam qualities. It is designed to stay in place while working on the affected area, making it far less messy during use. FS Foaming Degreaser can be sprayed directly onto the chain, cassette and chainrings and rinses straight off with water for a brilliant, contaminant-free finish.

Perfect for all those bikers who want a clean bike without all the hassle!

Price: £7.99

From: Zyro

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  1. Have been using the Fenwicks for a couple of months now after my LBS recommended it and asked me for feedback. Its great stuff. Works almost as well as Clean Streak White Lightning but with the benefit of less waste and lower cost. Spray on the chain and cassette, back pedal with rag – no need for chain cleaning tool. Added bonus is it smells like toothpaste. I’d recommend to anyone..

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