Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender: OrientBeering

by Ben Haworth 9

In addition to the “official” XC, Downhill and Trials parts of the Weekender competing we’re going to be doing some additional “just for fun” optional mini-events to keep people entertained during the latter stages of Saturday.

The first of these mini-events will be the Polaris OrientBeering Challenge. Basically, it will involve navigating your way from Lee Quarry over to the not-that-far-away Cragg Quarry.

Once you’ve found Cragg Quarry you’ll have to locate a orienteering punch, punch some holes into your raceplate with it, return to Lee Quarry alive and go to the Polaris stand to collect your delicious liquid prize.

Orienteering with beer. What can go wrong?

Get from here...
... to here ...
... find one of these and punch your raceplate with it ...
... go to the Polaris stand and get one of these*

*will probably be in a bottle.. and won’t be beer if you’re under 18.

To read more about the Shimano Singletrack Classic Weekender taking place at Lee Quarry on July 9 & 10 point your cyber-eyes at

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  1. Can the Marshalls enter and can we use any means of transport?

  2. That should be an Olympic Sport.

  3. that should be a multiple lap race

  4. Bum,
    Looks like someone has grassed over the new pump track and pitched a load of tents. When did that happen ?

  5. It looks as if comments saying that this is something that many others have done before have been deleted………

  6. I don’t think they have. Are you mixing this up with the forum post? I don’t think we’re claiming that the format is entirely original. The whole point of the Weekender is featuring as many types of MTB competing as possible :]

  7. is this the place for the “who gives way” discussion?

    Riders going up or down? 😉

  8. Ah, the old Transit [gets misty eyed, wipes away tear]

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