Ritchey Bikefest 2011 powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport

by singletrackjon 9

Good news for fans of Brizzle singletrack! The Ritchey Bikefest will be hitting the endlessly wiggly trails of Ashton Court once again on the 4-5th June. Here’s the lowdown from the team…

“It has been a busy few weeks over at the Bikefest office trying to make the new trail developments and the Bikefest course work in sink. And to cut a long story short we have managed to negotiate that the Ritchey Bikefest in June will be once more run the ‘proper’ way.

Time has simply flown past and it feels that we only left the Oktoberfest a few days ago. But that is clearly not the case and there are now only four weeks to go before the 10th anniversary of the Ritchey Bikefest powered by Mercedes-Benz Vito will kick off on the 4-5th June on the famous trails of Ashton Court, Bristol. If you haven’t made plans for this event yet better make sure you jump onto the entry page and secure your entry now.

Right then – after announcing earlier this year that due to the trail ‘re-builds’ in Ashton Court we were going to run the Bikefest (4-5th June) as well as the Oktoberfest (15th October) in an anti-clockwise direction – we are now happy to announce that we have negotiated one more event on the ‘old’ course and in the ‘old direction’.

The event will start and finish in the same location as in the last few years, with the event campground and the event village being right behind it, the course will go from the start/finish area into the extended version of the famous Beggar Bush singletrack before making its way around the course as in the last few years. There might be a few new additions on the course but as they are not 100% confirmed yet we will keep you posted on the developments. This weekend will be the last time that racers can enjoy the great course before the direction will get turned!

With summer is getting closer and closer and the Ritchey Bikefest course riding superbly we figured we should go out and put a little film about the trails together to remind the riders who have been what they will get served on the 4-5th June and for the ones who haven’t yet made it to the Bikefest what single track paradise is waiting for them.

So get yourself a cup of tea and enjoy our little film.

Note: This is our first attempt of putting this sort of thing together so please be kind.

As you might have heard the Ritchey Oktoberfest (15th October) will be official launch event for the new course and most likely for the Cycle Hub (replacement for the golf course café). We will do a similar version for the Oktoberfest course and will get it up on the site as soon as possible to give everybody the idea what you new course will be like.

To secure your entry into the Ritchey Bikefest and/or the Ritchey Oktoberfest make sure that you get your details in quickly. The solo category of the 12hour Bikefest race is getting rather busy and will be closed very soon. All the details on the Bristol Bikefest and the Oktoberfest including downloadable entry forms and the online entry can be found on the updated Bikefest entry page.

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  1. Great! Ride a SSSI and film yourself! Genius.
    Are the quarry trails likely to be finished and open or are they going to be trashed before they’ve had time to bed in after a boat load of tyres have ridden over them?

  2. If it’s a SSSI, how comw the new trail layout will pass straight through it?

    According to maps i’ve seen it seems to.

  3. According to the map of the new route your right Nick but have we not been diverted from that area for the last few years due to it being a SSSI?

  4. SSSI can be tricky things in that a farmer who had rare butterflies on his farm had a SSSI imposed on him, the conditions of which require him to continue using chemicals and fertilisers as he always has as that seems to be encoraging the buterflies. So by law he has to continue farming in a way that some may say is wrong!

  5. I’m more concerned about the soundtrack…

  6. any ideas if they will be running a bridge again i quite liked that.

  7. S.S.S.I…Site of Special Singletrack Interest

  8. Taylor, yep that site is an SSSI but when they did the surveying for the new trail the Natural England bods were more concerned about the damage to the edge of the wild flower meadow, which is also SSSI. So the new trail is going to have fewer dull fieldy bits in it, even if it is going to be the “wrong” way round. 😉

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