Hit The North (Again)

by Ben Haworth 16

Hit the North. July 17th 2010.

Subject to confirmation from the men in suits, Hit the North will be back on July 17th for an 8 hour festival of bicycle based suffering, comedy and carnage.

The track has the usual mix of cyclo-cross, mountain bike and hideous carrying sections with a couple of stream crossings, lots of cobbles and an angry farmer’s dog to further liven things up.

Some details in brief…

Any sort of bike as long as it has two wheels and one rider.
11:00 – 19:00hrs
6.5 mile laps.
Solo, pairs and teams of three.
Camping on Saturday night.
Beer tent.
Fancy timing that gives instant updates on-line and via a wireless network at the campsite.

Price to be confirmed, but it won’t break the bank.

More details when we have them on www.hitthenorth.net and on Twitter @hit_the_north

Can’t get enough of bike events in the North West? You wanna check out the Singletrack Classic Weekender you do. 😉

Comments (16)

  1. The men in suits have not objected… so we are on!

  2. Do the Singletrack Classic Weekender and Hit the North.

    Everybody should to experience a punishing double header at some point.

  3. it’ll make your eyes water.

    You filthy swine.

  4. Won’t be able to get to the ST Weekender, but my mate Diggler is organising a double header in Hamsterley in September.

  5. Any word on when will entries be available please?

  6. Will BTCV be one of the charities you’re donating to again this year?

  7. I might ride this one instead of pissing at marshall point 3.

  8. tthew – soon.
    kunoichi – yes.

  9. We are actually doing our best to give BTCV some money from the last race but it isn’t easy!

  10. will i be mad to do this on my full sus?

    Dont have an uberlight XC bike?

  11. Plenty did the shorter races on FS bikes, jump bikes and all flavours of machines, the most appropriate it seemed were cyclocrossers, (though perhaps they are just more dedicated to training!)

    If you’ve only got a full sus, then better to ride that than to not bother at all IMHO.

  12. Do it on whatever you want. There is a downhill where a full susser will be a huge benefit but you will be cursing it on the carry sections.

  13. …as tthew pointed out, the crossers have done well at the last two events. However, I think this is down to the riders not the bikes.

    I did the recce laps on my full susser and it wasn’t bad. My crosser would have been quicker but, because i’m not very good on it, I would have scared myself to death in a couple of places.

    Also, if the work is finished, we may have some berms and jumps.

  14. harry_the_spider, how come? I might be able to help… drop me a line.

  15. Me and thew (we are brothers… believe it or not.. one is faster on a bike and it ain’t me !) are debating whether to ride duo or solo or rope in a 3rd… could we pay/enter separately and then form a team after?

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