Sea Otter Three

Chipps has a load of pictures from the Sea Otter pits and it’s going to take several stories to get to the bottom of them all. So, without further ado, here’s a random selection…



That's a 'trilobe polygon' that is. 30mm axle, BB30 size bearings and an all-up weight of 790g for a triple. Triple or singlespeed and out this year.


The crazy BB cups will actually fit a large socket spanner.


Not just for fixie riders. The Chub geared hubs are out this year and the XC front is 160g. There'll be a 15/20mm version and a QR/15mm version.


What's this complicated suspension system on the Foes booth?


It's a rear-suspension wheelchair with Fox shocks. How trick?


Swobo's bike range continues to expand. Here's their geared or singlespeed, rim or disc braked cyclocross bike in a lovely dusky blue.


Never be far from an open beer with the new Swobo saddle...


OK, maybe it's not all work. Swobo's Tim Parr looms with a cooling beer.


The push-me, pull-you Santa Cruz freak bike in all its glory. The rear fork is held rigid by a frame mounting that bolts to the bolt-on stem bit of the Boxxer crown.


How pointlessly ace is this? There's a Hammerschmidt in there too, so it's a two speed, 8in travel bike with four BB shells...


Seen on a Syndicate bike. Perhaps these coloured components aren't such a bad idea.


Who wanted a closeup of one of these? Here you go. No immediate plans for a new Blur 4X, sorry.


Here's a raw finished Ibis Tranny.


Mmm... Jaffa.


Rocky Mountain has put a load of work into producing two new 29er machines. Full suspension and hardtail. Like 'em?


Now three big-wheelers in Rocky's range.

That’ll do for a minute. We’ll get on with editing down the rest of the 600 shots we have and there’ll be more to see daily.

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