Insta360 ONE R Update KV

Insta 360 announces major updates to One R action camera

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GoPro isn’t the only action camera maker with big news this week, as Insta 360 announces software updates to the One R.

The Insta 360 One R action camera is a very clever piece of kit. Like the GoPro Max, it features a 360 video shooting mode, and the standard software allows you to create stunning visual effects and even track your subject in post. But the most intriguing feature of the One R is the fact that it is a modular camera, that snaps together like Lego offering more functionality than most other cameras.

A standard One R ships with a single lens, screen and battery. The modular design means that the screen can be attached either rear or forward-facing. An optional 360 camera can be added for 360 videos, and there is even a 1in Leica lens option available too.

Insta360 ONE R Update KV

It’s a smart piece of kit, that gets even smarter today with a host of new software updates. The updates which should be available later improve the built-in AI mode for on the fly scene selection and optimisation, there are updates to the microphone, still image quality has been updated and you can now use the One R as a web camera.

More details of the Insta 360 One R updates below.

An All-New AI Shooting Mode, PureShot 

Insta360 has developed new AI techniques to allow creators to get the best image quality out of their device. PureShot uses AI to enhance the dynamic range of photos while reducing noise and preserving detail, resulting in a vibrant image. What used to take multiple shots combined into one with auto exposure bracketing (AEB), now just takes a tap with PureShot. 

Image Quality Just Got Even Better

Content captured with ONE R is now sharper than ever thanks to a higher bitrate. Colours have also been made more vivid with an all-new default colour profile, designed for those that want a vibrant look. For creators that want more control over their colours, they can also opt for a LOG colour profile, or go for standard for a more natural feel. 

Use Your ONE R as a Webcam

ONE R can now be used as a full HD webcam for calls or work-from-home meetings. The Insta360 app also detects how many subjects are in the frame when shooting with the 4K Wide Angle Mod and adjusts the zoom level accordingly. When using the 360 Mod, creators can use a new split-screen mode, showing the front-facing and back perspectives all at once. 

Underwater Content Never Looked So Good

AquaVision is a game-changer for creators shooting underwater. Applied in post using the Insta360 app, it uses AI technology to balance and correct underwater colours to account for the ack of primary red colour. The result is colourful underwater content, without the need for external filters or laborious editing.

Audio Quality & Voice Control Got Better Too

New and improved wind reduction means that tough shooting environments aren’t as high a barrier to great sound capture. The latest update also allows creators to use voice control with their AirPods’ microphones. Ideal for shooting at a distance. 

Live Stream in 360°

Insta360 ONE R can now live stream in 360°. This is a big deal for streamers looking to immerse their audience in the creator’s environment. The update brings two ways to stream. 360 Live, where the audience controls the perspective of the stream, or Reframe Live, where the streamer controls the perspective in real-time. The app supports streaming to YouTube, Facebook or via an RTMP URL.

A Faster MP4 Workflow

The latest update brings a smoother, faster workflow to shooting wide-angle content with either the 4K Wide Angle Mod or 1-Inch Mod. The default file type is now MP4. No more file conversions needed. What’s more, creators can choose between “Basic” or “Pro” stabilization options when they shoot. Basic is a quickfire, no editing solution with in-camera basic stabilization. Pro unlocks higher frame rates and resolutions with gimbal-level FlowState Stabilization added in the app or Insta360 Studio. A new Final Cut Pro X plugin is also now available for streamlined editing, along with the existing Adobe Premiere Pro plugin.

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