DJI action camera rumoured to launch on 15th May

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Drone maker DJI is rumoured to be working on a DJI action camera that would directly compete with the Go Pro Hero 7.

Chinese drone maker, DJI, once had a great relationship with GoPro. Originally, DJI drones were designed to carry GoPro cameras for super steady aerial footage but things soured once DJI began producing its own cameras and GoPro attempted to enter the drone market with the ill-fated Karma drone.

Of the two brands it’s clear that DJI is doing better out of the split and now have a successful range of camera-equipped drones, and handheld camera devices, but coulda DJI action camera finally complete the range?

Renders appear to show dual screens on the DJI action camera.

Rumour has it that DJI could be offering an action camera to complete with the Hero 7 and that it could launch in just 6 days time. Details are thin on the ground and many rumours have been discounted due to fake leaked images, but there are a few theories about this action camera that sound plausible.

The main theory is that DJI has simply taken the latest DJI OSMO Pocket camera and reconstructed it as an enclosed and weatherproof device complete with a larger display.

If this is the case then the DJI action camera would rely on mechanical image stabilization rather than the electronic sort of stabilization, or EIS, that GoPro and other action cameras currently rely on. The mechanical stabilization of the Oslo Pocket is a 3 axis system and in addition to steady video also includes motion and face tracking features.

A repackaged OSMO Pocket would also mean native 4K 60fps video and around 140min of battery life from a single charge and DJI Mimo app support and access to DJI’s cloud storage and online community.

DJI Action Camera
Is DJI ready to release an action camera?

At the time of writing, DJI has only confirmed that something will be launched on 15th May and has hinted whatever it might be will be waterproof. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what DJI has in store for us and will update this post if we stumble upon more news.

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