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Details of a new bikepacking event: the Dunoon Dirt Dash, organised by a couple of familiar names.

You probably know who Charlie the Bikemonger is. Now, he’s Charlie the Ex Bikemonger, and he’s turning his attention to event organising. Not that that’s a new thing – he’s organised the Dorset Gravel Dash for a few years now, as well as a bunch of other stuff. As a Scout Leader, he’s pretty experienced at herding hungry and slightly wild folks into some kind of order.

He’s set his sights on the north of the UK now, and brings us a new event: The Dunoon Dirt Dash, over the weekend of 28/29 September. Over to Charlie to explain:

‘You know Markus Stitz who cycled round the world on a single speed Surly… well he has roped me in to a new adventure: The Dunoon Dirt Dash.

What the hell is a Dunoon? It is small Scottish town, hosting this dash alongside an outdoor fest with Steve Peat, on a coastal peninsula, with blow your socks off scenery. Just like down at the Dorset Gravel Dash the vibes will be good, the food will be venison, and the beer will be very much deserved. Oh and we are camping next to a bloody castle by the sea… bring your speedos… and maybe some string to tie round your balls so you can pull them back out afterwards!’

Dunoon Dirt Dash Castle
Sleeping takes place near here. Not in it.
Dunoon Dirt Dash
Dash here.
Dunoon Dirt Dash
Dither there.

‘I have talked and coerced Markus Stitz away from his normal thing of doing more mad miles in a day than most people do in a month… to 80 something over two days. It won’t be easy-peasey, but it won’t make you think about taking up golf or some other pointless excuse for avoiding adventure.

Dunoon Dirt Dash
Dunoon Dirt Dash

Seriously, please don’t ignore this because its in Scotland…. you should do this because it is in Scotland. Dunoon is only a very short hop from the motorways and railway stations of Glasgow, but will feel wild as hell.

So, please have a look at the event and sign up to the newsletters. Markus has made a video, watch that… that will give you the flavour… and I hope to see you in Scotland for a few drinks and a great adventure.’

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