Restrap launch mini waterproof saddle pack

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We’ve been long time friends with Restrap – once best known for their foot-retention straps for fixed wheel riders, but now with a reputation for bombproof bikepacking luggage. When Technical Editor, Tom first visited Restrap to ask if they could make some custom frame bags for him six years or so ago, it was a two-person company. Nathan Hughes and his mum, doing everything out of a small workspace in Leeds. Now a much larger operation, Restrap has grown into significantly larger premises and employs many more people, making the vast majority of its products on site.

Wee, but with capacity for the essentials

As the company has grown, Nathan may not spend every day on the machines, but he is still instrumental in the design of every product in the range. He wanted to set himself a challenge: would it be possible to prototype, shoot, and launch a product in 24 hours? The answer, it would appear, is “yes”.
Drybag style rolltop closure.

Part of the #carryeverything range, the Restrap rackless Saddle Pack straps to the seat post and saddle rails for bikepacking, touring or commuting. With no mounts or screws, the bag is designed to attach in seconds to any bike, using Restrap’s patented magnetic fittings and unique magnetic compression strap.
Magnetic closure points.

It is designed to be a lightweight and waterproof option, for those not needing the capacity of something like the company’s own saddle holster system. The diminutive pack has a 4-litre capacity – which should be enough for tools, a jacket and some food. Nylon-lined and with taped seams, it has a roll top closure to keep the elements out and the contents dry. It’s the kind of pack that we could imagine working well on long day rides as storage for extra layers to don at the beginning and end of the day, or even for some credit card touring, holding a change of clothes for when you reach your destination.
Part of Restrap’s #carryeverything range

The hand-made in the UK pack is currently available for pre-order, with first deliveries due in mid-May. It retails for £44.99

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